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Bookstore Sales Increased in 2018!

If have any interest in books and reading, then you've probably checked on book sales once or twice before, especially given the panic around whether or not the internet is damaging the publishing industry.

Wattpad to Introduce Payment Per Month for Popular Online Writers

If you've never been on Wattpad before, Wattpad is essentially a free story sharing site where writers have the opportunity to write their stories and publish them on the site for others to read. Since 2006, the site has hosted millions of stories from people all over the world.

10 Best Careers for People Who Love to Read Books

Are you an avid reader who just graduated college, or who is currently working an unfulfilling job? Are you thinking of how to apply your love of reading to a job that will actually make you money? Check out these ten jobs that are perfect for readers! 


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