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A New Kurt Cobain Biography Is in the Works

Kurt Cobain is a music and social icon of the 1990s who succumbed to a tragic end. He is widely cherished and missed through his music. There already are many different biographies out there on Cobain's life.

Don't Worry About a Thing with These 10 Bob Marley Quotes

His music has the power to sooth your worries and raise your hopes. In his time he’s brought waves of peace to countless people, making him a spiritual icon. Bob Marley would’ve been seventy-three today and the world sure could use someone like him nowadays.

11 Frida Kahlo Quotes to Help You Find Yourself

We’ve had some serious legends come in and out of our world throughout history. Those who have spoken, created, fought, and given in ways that changed the course of time. The one I’m talking about is the woman who gave new life and inspiration to the Mexican culture and the arts.
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