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7 Stunning Memoirs About Mental Illness

Mental health, along with the illnesses that can plague us, make up some of the most taboo, stigmatized topics of discussion within our society today. Historically speaking, society has always had a difficult time equating mental illnesses with the same sincerity physical illnesses foster.

You Can Now Buy and Read Strangers' Diaries on eBay

From a grilled cheese with the Virgin Mary’s face on it to air from a Kanye West concert, you can definitely buy some pretty out there stuff on eBay — but did you know that you can also find hundreds of written-in diaries on the site?


Malala Yousafzai's New Book to Shed Light on Refugee Crisis

Malala Yousafzai is not your average twenty-year-old.  When she's not busy studying at Oxford University, she is promoting girls' right to a quality education around the world.  When she was seventeen, she became the youngest ever winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and she is already a best-selling

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