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Don’t Storm Area 51! Read 5 and 1 Books About It!

While the creator of the event has cancelled storming Area 51 and is encouraging people not to take this joke too far, he did note that, “I sparked a movement while I was bored at 2 a.m.”

And a movement it is. It’s such a movement that people not only plan to run to the base, but a documentary about the raid is ready to film and the U.S. Air Force has released an official warning telling visitors to stay away from Area 51.

With the event coming this September 20th, the world will be watching. To prepare, here are 5 and 1 books you have to read before you watch people try to run across miles of blazing hot desert just to get teargassed in the face!



BEHOLD here are the five books that make up the five IN AREA FIFTY-ONE


1-Area 51 (Image of Aviation) by Peter W Merlin


Image Via Dreamlandresort


Peter W Merlin is an aerospace historian who has been researching the history of Area 51 since 1984 and is a founding member of the X-Hunters Aerospace Archeology Team. His Amazon description reads: “He has appeared in documentary television programs for Discovery Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic, and others, including Modern Marvels, Mystery Hunters, Inside Area 51, Return to Area 51, Atomic Journeys, Area 51 Declassified, and The Truth Behind Area 51”.


Area 51 (Image of Aviation)

Image Via Amazon


Published in 2011, this inexpensive coffee table picture book promises “declassified photographs [that] provide a rare glimpse into the true nature of America’s most famous secret base”. Inside its pages, the book focuses on the test flights and the development of the various planes inside Area 51, showcasing what the government wants us to see.

An interesting look-through, but it raises more questions than answers. However, sometimes the questions are more interesting than the answers, so don’t use this book as an excuse to Naruto run.


Image result for naruto run gif

Don’t be these people | Image via Gyfcat


2-Mystery At Area 51 by Carole Marsh

Carole Marsh

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A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Carole Marsh is a professional writer, photographer, and Founder/CEO of Gallopade International Inc as well as the founder and owner of Marsha Media. Thankfully, she’s taken time out of her busy schedule to bring us this April 1st, 2011 release. April 1st, I hear you cry, but let me assure you, hypothetical person, that this book is no joke!

This is Area 51…For kids! An educational book filled with history, geography, culture and cliffhanger chapters, this book will have the kids begging for more! And that’s a good thing because this mystery includes SAT words, educational facts, fun and humor, a scavenger hunt and activities.

But what’s the story? I hear you ask. Well, hypothetical person, let me tell it to you…


The Mystery at Area 51 (Real Kids! Real Places! Book 44) by [Marsh, Carole]

Image Via AMazon


Christina, Grant, Mimi, and Papa visit Papa’s good friend who lives on a cattle ranch in Nevada. Riding on the Mystery Girl, the group lands on a small airstrip near Area 51 and soon learn that the rancher and his wife have been losing their cattle. Can they solve the mystery of the missing cattle? Are these alien abductions? Is the government involved? Are they stealing cattle to feed to their alien overlords?

This book will keep you guessing so much you’ll have to run through it, instead of checking up on the run to Area 51.




3-The Entirety of the Area 51 Series by Bob Mayer


Bob Mayer's Area 51 Series

Image Via AudioBookBay


The King of Area 51, Bob Mayer has written twelve novels about it since 1997. He’s written other fiction, a lot of it in fact, but his Area 51 series is a series where you can pick one book, any book, and you can’t go wrong.

My personal favorites are Area 51: Excalibur, about how the mythical Excalibur has the power to unlock a galactic power beyond what anyone—human or alien—has ever seen and becomes the middle of a space race and Area 51: Nosferatu, about a halfbreed whose lived around since the time of the ancient Egyptians whose now out on a search for a piece of alien technology known as the Holy Grail.


Area 51

Image Via Amazon


If you want to know where all this awesome-sauce starts in, this recipe of insanity began with Area 51, which is about in Area 51. More specifically it’s about how a team of scientists must fend off a greedy general who wants to activate an the interstellar drive from an alien motherhsip being housed in Area 51.

Things become even crazier when Dr. Hans Von Seeckt, an elderly ex-Nazi scientist and original member of the Area 51 research team, joins up with the president’s science adviser, Dr. Lisa Duncan, and Special Forces officer Mike Turcotte to tell the public the truth about Area 51.

Meanwhile, a brilliant archaeologist, Professor Nabinger, discovers a message on runes found in ancient Egypt that, you guessed it, connects to the aliens in Area 51.

I love this series.


4-Escape from Area 51: The X + Y Files by Wayne Kerr


Wayne A D Kerr

Image Via Amazon


Wayne Kerr has been around. From Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada, where he was born and raised, to spending twenty years living in the USA, he is now back in Canada at his wonderful home in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. A published author best known for his Black Swann Investigation series, Wayne Kerr now has a new goal: “to get more young people off the internet and into a good book“.

Thus we have the X + Y Files series, and I’m here to present you his book: Escape from Area 51.


Escape From Area 51 (The X + Y Files) by [Kerr, Wayne]

Image Via Amazon


UFO obsessed Xander Bookman takes a trip near Area 51 when he starts hearing a voice from a creature calling itself I-pod. Is this an alien in desperate need of help to escape the most secure site on the planet?

Thus, Xander joins with his friend Yzzie on their most daring adventure yet: break into and escape Area 51 alive.

A science fiction novel mixed with adventure, mystery, and the paranormal, with a dash of fun, this novel is one for all ages, especially those who love the adventures of Mulder and Scully.


Image result for mulder and scully gif

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5-Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base by Annie Jacobsen


Area 51: An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base

Image Via Amazon


Released in 2011, this piece of investigative journalism is based on interviews with scientists and engineers who worked in Area 51 and, addressing any UFO-enthusiast’s dream, it speaks about the Roswell UFO incident and what went down.


Joseph Stalin

Yes, that is Joseph Stalin |  Image Via Daily Express


Sadly, it doesn’t confirm our beliefs about aliens but instead addresses the Roswell UFO incident and dismisses the alien story. Instead, it suggests that Joseph Stalin was inspired by the hysteria following Orson Welles’ 1938 radio drama War of the Worlds and wished to create the hysteria again by crashing a UFO into the United States.

He recruited Josef Mengele, The Angel of Death who was obsessed with twins during the Holocaust, was recruited by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to produce “grotesque, child-size aviators” to pilot a small aircraft and create the hysteria.


Roswell on a map

Image Via


But thing went wrong when the aircraft crashed and the incident was hushed up by Americans.

Jacobsen writes that the bodies found at the crash site were deformed children with large heads and abnormally shaped oversize eyes. “They were neither aliens nor consenting airmen, but human guinea pigs”, she claims.

That’s depressing. Maybe it’s completely wrong, seeing as all of Jacobsen’s sources are anonymous, but perhaps the truth isn’t as interesting as we think it is.

You never know what might be happening in there, but I have an idea that sensational writer Joshua Lark might or might not have given me.





1-Anal Sex at Area 51 (Gay Paranormal Military Erotica) by Josh Lark


Anal Sex at Area 51 (Gay Paranormal Military Erotica) by [Lark, Josh]

Image Via Amazon


What more can I say? There’s an extraterrestrial sex dungeon, a psychic spaceship and a room full of shapeshifting alien penises?



Image Via Twitter


Think Tony Stark has been in any of those rooms?



Featured Image Via Reddit

10 Tips for a Perfect Trip to Paris from Author Melanie Benjamin

I love Paris, and I was thrilled finally to be able to set a book in my favorite city in the world. And now I would love to share some of my favorite tips for falling in love with the City of Light.


1. Try to speak French

Image Via Giphy


When in Rome….I am a big believer of leaving behind my Americanisms and fully immersing myself in the rhythms and customs of a different culture. When I’m in Paris, I try to speak a bit of French…nothing more than a few common phrases, but I feel it’s a courtesy, and indeed in Paris, these polite phrases are very much part of the culture. You don’t enter any establishment without saying “Bonjour!” “Merci” goes a long way. And when you leave, take the time to say either “Au revoir!” or if it’s evening, “Bonsoir!” You will find that almost all Parisians speak English and will be happy to do so with you, but being courteous in the native tongue is important. Also, when dining, do so as a Parisian does. Dine later—8:00 PM is about right—and do so slowly. I’ve never found French waiters to be rude if you adjust to the more leisurely pace of dining. Paris restaurants are smaller than American restaurants, and have fewer wait staff, who have to take care of a larger number of tables, then. This is why service is different. But no one hurries through a meal in Paris; dining is meant to last a couple of hours as you savor each course, enjoy the wine, enjoy the atmosphere. Slow your pace down and don’t be rude, and you will find most Parisians happy to help you.


2. Take a boat ride on the Seine


Boatride Sen


It’s such a touristy thing to do, but everyone has to take a Bateau Rouge trip up and down the Seine at night, ideally on the first evening there. To see Notre Dame lit up, the Eiffel Tower get all sparkly—and also to spy on young lovers hanging out along the banks – it’s such a great way to get the feel of Paris right away. Plus, I love to look at all the colorful house boats that are docked along the Seine.


3. Museums!



Museums, museums, museums! To tell the truth, I’ve yet to tour the Louvre; every time I’m there it seems I just don’t have enough time to do it right. If I did do it, I would definitely book a private tour, based on the advice of others. But I’ve visited plenty of museums in Paris—the Musée Carnavalet (devoted to the history of Paris) in the Marais (one of the oldest neighborhoods in Paris, and the former Jewish Quarter), the Shoah Memorial (also in the Marais), the Musée d’Orsay. I have to say one of my favorites is the Musée de l’Armée, which also houses Napoleon’s tomb.


4. Galleries Lafayette



The most beautiful department store in the world. Not affordable for most of us, but worth going to and gaping at all the designer fashions (once you make your way up from the first floor, which is just a horde of tourists). Have some tea and a macaron and gape up at the beautiful domed ceiling. And don’t miss the top floor, which is the book section.


5. Flower Markets



The flower markets, particularly on the Ile St. Louis, are charming. Not only are they full of blossoms, but they are also full of songbirds for sale.

6. Take a bike tour!



I once was skeptical of this kind of thing—again, too touristy—but now I’m a convert. They really are great fun, and you learn a lot, and meet interesting people. We took the Fat Tire tour of Giverny, leaving from the St. Lazare train station in Paris. Once we got to Giverny, we went shopping for lunch – bread, cheese, pastries—and hopped aboard bicycles. We rode to the Seine and had a picnic lunch before riding our bikes to Monet’s house and the little village surrounding it, where we spent the afternoon at our leisure. Our guide was charming and full of information but we were also able to break off and be on our own in the famous gardens. It was a terrific afternoon in the countryside.

7. Visit the Left Bank.



This is where I’ve done most of my shopping over the years, including at the famous Shakespeare and Company bookstore, just across the Seine from Notre Dame. There are great shops and cafes, and the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens are here, as well, with the charming bandstands. Also, if you must visit Ladurée – and you must! – skip the one on the Champs Élysées and go to the one on the Left Bank. It’s much less crowded. (Just skip the Champs all together, really; it’s far too touristy, full of garish lights and American department stores and hustlers.)

8. Explore, but be careful!



There are so many wonderful neighborhoods to visit, make sure you branch out from the main tourist traps. In fact, I’ve never been to the Eiffel Tower; it’s so visible throughout the city, you don’t need to go to it, and again, it’s full of tourists and scam artists. (Scam artists are part of Paris, as are pickpockets; in fact, my husband almost had his wallet lifted at a Métro station. If you’re prepared and aware of your surroundings, you’ll be fine. Just read up about the situation before you go, and don’t let fear get in the way of adventure! I’ve witnessed far more scary situations here in the United States than I ever have in Paris.)

9. Walk!


Paris is a highly walkable city, and to me, that’s the main reason to visit – walking along the streets, soaking up the atmosphere of the city, occasionally stopping to sit at a café and have a glass of wine or a pastry. The Métro is easy to navigate and certainly the way to get to some of the suburbs and neighborhoods away from the center of the city. But walking is the best way to see Paris. Don’t try to fit everything in on your first visit; take your time to wander the city at your own pace and discover your own treasures.

10. The Ritz



The Ritz—how could I not mention the most iconic hotel in all the world? Most mortals can’t afford to stay there, but you can certainly have tea in Salon Proust, or a drink in one of the three Ritz bars. The Bar Hemingway is the best known, but it’s also the smallest; there most likely will be a wait to get inside. But once you are, you’ll be rewarded; my favorite, the champagne cocktail, is served with a fresh rose. And take the chance to wander through the beautiful Hall of Dreams, the hallway connecting the two buildings that make up the hotel. Gape at the luxury goods displayed—Montblanc pens and Chanel scarves and Limoges china, Gucci shoes, Van Cleef and Arpels necklaces. The entire neighborhood surrounding the Ritz is home to luxury brands; the original house of Chanel is right around the corner.


Don’t forget to enter our competition for a chance to win signed copies of all of Melanie Benjamin’s novels Including ‘Mistress of the Ritz’, plus  amazing Parisian prizes! 


MELANIE BENJAMIN is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Swans of Fifth Avenue and The Aviator’s Wife. Previous historical novels include national bestseller Alice I Have Been, The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb and The Girls in the Picture.  Her novels have been translated in over fifteen languages, featured in national magazines such as Good Housekeeping, People, and Entertainment Weekly, and optioned for film. Her latest novel is Mistress of the Ritz. Melanie lives in Chicago with her husband, where she is at work on her next historical novel.

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