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3 Artists Bringing Books to Life with Their Book Sculptures

While most people look at an old hardcover book and see a story waiting to be read, some artists see a blank canvas.


1 – Emma taylor

U.K.-based artist Emma Taylor brings scenes from classic stories to life by creating amazing sculptures from titles she finds at used book shops.


Emma Taylor

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In an interview with My Modern Met, Taylor described book sculpture as “[her] creative outlet to highlight an appreciation of the little things in life.”


Emma Taylor-2

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Check out her ever-growing portfolio of other bookish sculptures!


2 – Tomoko Takeda

Across the globe, Japanese artist Tomoko Takeda transforms popular titles into ornate works of art by carving away layers of paper.


Tomoko Takeda-1

Le Petit Prince, Image via


Describing her 2014 exhibition titled ものがたりの断片 (monogatari no danpen, meaning “story fragments”), Takeda said, “I made books not to read, but to enjoy looking at.”


Tomoko Takeda

Flowers for Algernon, Image Via



3 – Thomas Wightman

Thomas Wightman, another British artist, takes book sculpture to the next level with his sculpture of Scotland’s Glenfinnan Viaduct bridge that actually moves!


Thomas Wightman-moving sculpture
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The Glenfinnan Viaduct has been a Scottish landmark for more than 100 years, but it was made even more famous when it appeared in the Harry Potter movie series. That little train could very well be the Hogwarts Express taking Harry, Hermione, and Ron to another year at the finest school for witchcraft and wizardry.


Thomas Wightman-2

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These nifty book sculptures are a great way to beautify and bring new life to old favorites. Would you ever try to do this to one of your books?




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Learn About Broadway’s Leading Ladies Through This A-Z Book

Shake your jazz hands and throw on your reading glasses because a new book about the ABCs of Broadway’s most famous actresses is heading to bookstores soon!


A is for Audra

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Available for pre-order now, A Is For Audra: Broadway’s Leading Ladies from A To Z is the perfect picture book for your theater-loving child. This picture book showcases legendary entertainers in alphabetical order, and with the flow and charm of rhyming illustrates what the starlets’ are most known for. It’s the perfect book not only for children, but for Broadway enthusiasts as well!


H is for Heather Headley

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According to, the new children’s book from Doubleday Publishing, written by John Robert Allman and illustrated by Peter Emmerich, is scheduled for release on November 12th. With every sale of the book, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, an organization helping men, women and children across the country and across the street receive much needed medication, health care, nutritious meals, counseling and emergency financial assistance.


K is for Kristin

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A book that spreads the fantastic achievements of Broadway’s actresses, and makes a literal difference in people’s lives? I look forward to this books opening night, November 12th.




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Building Turned Into Jaw-Dropping Bookcase Illusion

Stand by for a warm and fuzzy feeling.

It has often been said, by those who enjoy a good book, that we live inside of our soft and hardcover friends. Such a notion has never held more validity than it does for the lucky residents of an anonymous building in Utrecht, Netherlands. The aesthetically pleasing surprise comes courtesy of illustrious street artist Jan Is De Man and tattoo artist Deef Freed‘s handy-work.


Trompe L'oeil Art by Jan Is De Man
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The owners of this building, who love a good read, asked their delineating friend, Jan Is De Man to deface—or rather reface their previously boring structure. De Man took it upon himself to ask local residents to suggest book titles he could include in his creation; his goal was to create something that reflected a culturally-diverse community in unison (without offending of course: no trigger-happy literature). The result is a mural displaying a wide variety of books which includes literature spanning eight different languages. Unfortunately, I will not provide a list of those books in this article—feel free to pinch and zoom at your leisure.


Literature Themed Mural in Utrecht
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“We’ve noticed that this project brought people together without pushing it,” said De Man, “they met each other through books. Regardless of the differences in cultures, regardless of the differences in political point of views. Regardless of being extreme right or extreme left. Books are magical. They tickle your brain. And everyone can read the same book, but feel something different.”

De Man’s friend, who also lives in the building, had wanted the artist to paint a mural on his home for some time; however, De Man’s original plan was not of the literary variety. Being a huge fan of Forest Gump (I can only assume), De Man wanted to paint a huge smiley face on the building. Typically, when people see a smile, their moods are naturally lifted. After studying the shape of the building, it dawned on De Man that smiles are provoked by all sorts of things—therein lies the idea of a bookcase. A structure that’s functionality most closely resembles that of a community, a family, a hug, a home.


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Bookstr’s Three to Read This Week 5/29/19

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris Bueller’s sage advice is as apt as ever. Time waits for no one, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. However, one of life’s greatest pause buttons will always be a good book. Whether you’re reading more about the things you love, how to develop yourself further, or imagining the kind of character you want to be, committing to a good book will always feel like time well spent. And we can help with that.

Check out Bookstr’s Three to Read, the three books we’ve picked for you to read this week!


Game of Thrones: The Storyboards




It goes without saying that Game of Thrones will always hold a special place in the hearts of fans everywhere. In spite of how the show’s final season was received, the series has reached legendary heights in television history with its grand storytelling. You can get an in-depth look into the process of bringing George R.R. Martin’s fantasy to screen with Game of Thrones: The Storyboards, which collects early concept pieces and storyboards by artist William Simpson. This behind-the-scenes glimpse is a must-have for fans who want to learn more about the development of their favorite show, and how its iconic moments were brought to life.



Start at the End




If you’ve ever daydreamed about something you just wanted to create and get out into the world while sipping on your local coffee spot drink, then Start at the End is for you. Entrepreneurship is hard. Creating something people will find worthwhile is hard. Obtaining the skills to see your project through is hard. There’s no shame in asking for help and this book can provide just that. You’ll learn all about behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert’s strategies for designing products according to user needs and behavior. Your creative impulses are valued and are waiting to be tapped into. You can even do it while you read and caffeinate.



Orchid & the Wasp





The Gael Foess character can serve as both an inspiration, and a cautionary tale, for those wanting to live the fullest life possible. Caoilinn Hughes layers her debut, Orchid & the Wasp, with all sorts of personal, familial, and identity conflicts that carry true emotional weight. This modern epic about a heroine becoming all that she can be, for the sake of her family and for her own self interests should appeal to admirers of stories such as Molly’s Game. You’ll want to find out how Gael makes it through her journey of emotional turmoil, and maybe even adopt the strengths she picks up along the way.


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FX’s ‘Fargo’ Is Getting a Tell-All Book

Created by author Noah Hawley, Fargo is a television series inspired by the Coen Brothers’ film of the same name. Each season features a new cast and story, which all follow a group of peculiar characters who get embroiled in crime and murder around the general Minnesota area.

With a fourth season on the way, Hawley is revealing some behind-the-scenes secrets in the form of a new book. Entertainment Weekly reported that Fargo: This Is A True Story will give fans an inside look at some of the show’s lore.



Image Via Amazon


Among the stuff included in the book are script excerpts, cast interviews and exclusive pictures related to each season. There are also some reference to various mysteries from the show that were never solved when the seasons concluded.

Image Via Entertainment Weekly


Fargo: This Is A True Story released October 8th. Season four of Fargo begins production later this year.



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