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Thrilling Hulu & Netflix Shows Arriving This October

Along with the changing of the leaves come the dark, chilly nights of Autumn- the perfect setting for everyone’s favorite holiday, Halloween. Face your fears with this month’s terrifying Hulu and Netflix adaptations!

We’ve put every new release into categories and included the Netflix and Hulu release dates to boot! Click on the titles or where it says “book” or “novel” to either the watch film/show trailer or to purchase the original book!



Sci-Fi & Fantasy


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  • Trainspotting (1996 Film) – based on the book by Irvine Welsh (October 1st, Netflix)
  • True Grit (1969 Film) – based on the book by Charles Portis (October 1st, Hulu)
  • Winter’s Bone (2010 Film) – based on the book by Daniel Woodrell (October 1st, Hulu)





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There are so many choices for the month of October, both for those who would rather not be spooked by their entertainment, and those seeking a thrill.


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Kobe Bryant’s First Book Takes A Look at His Prodigious Mental Strength

If you are not just a fan of basketball, but a fan of sports in general, the name Kobe Bryant should resonate within you. His entire twenty-year career in the National Basketball Association was spent with the historic Los Angeles Lakers, and his time there made him a symbol throughout the city. His love for the game of basketball was clear every night he would step foot on the court. He became a role model for up-and-coming NBA players and athletes all around the world.


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In October of 2018, Bryant decided to share his immeasurable knowledge of the game with his book titled The Mamba Mentality: How I PlayIn it, readers are taken on an escapade of his unbelievably powerful mentality that kept his level of competition at an elite level. With his very own words, Bryant shows us his famous, all-inclusive approach and what he would do to prepare mentally and physically to not just succeed at the game, but to outclass his opponents. 


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Bryant’s in depth accounts are coupled with photographs by the famed photographer Andrew D. Bernstein. Bernstein was also the Lakers and NBA official photographer. Bryant’s very first NBA photo in 1996 and his last in 2016 are depicted in this book, along with a bunch more throughout his career, which demonstrates a fascinating relationship between an athlete and a photographer.

Although this book is scattered with photos, it still displays his love and passion for the game and is nonetheless an exhilarating exhibition. If you are a sports fan, I highly recommend this piece, even if you want to simply keep it as a coffee table book.



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These Jocks like Harry Potter Too

For those who don’t know, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will play against each other twice in London Stadium this weekend, for the first Major League Baseball games ever played in Europe. For many years, the commissioner of the MLB has showed an increasing desire to increase the international presence of baseball, and this is clearly the league’s most determined effort.


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Before the games tomorrow and on Sunday, ESPN has asked players from both the Yankees and Red Sox various questions about details of the trip, from tourism to what they want to see from British fans. However, they have also asked players if they were fans of Harry Potterand their responses have been quite varied and unique.



Aaron Hicks, the outfielder for the Yankees, spoke about his love for the franchise, and which Hogwarts house he thinks he belongs to.

“I’m just going to say I’m a Gryffindor and leave it at that,” he said. “They’re the normal ones, the good-hearted people. I just want to go to Harry Potter World or the original Harry Potter [Studio]. I’m a big Harry Potter fan.”


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“I think it was not this offseason but the offseason before, it was the first time I saw the Harry Potter movies,” said Michael Chavis, the second baseman for the Red Sox. “It was one of those things where, like, I was behind on it… I got together with my girlfriend, and we binged them, and they’re awesome. And then we ended up going to Harry Potter World and Disney and all of that and did the Butterbeer. It’s awesome. I’m all-in on it.”

Several players also spoke about their favorite Harry Potter characters.

“Let’s go with Dumbledore,” Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. said. “He’s considered one of the leaders and someone who’s trying to help Harry along the way.”

Chavis said that his favorite character is Dobby. “He’s cute, he’s nice, he’s a good dude. I feel like he gets overlooked a lot, but I like his personality. I thought it was cool.”


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As the MLB attempts to globalize baseball, it’s interesting to see how the players’ viewpoints contrast internationally. Harry Potter is an intercontinental franchise, so it’s no surprise that these players are all in on diving deeper into the lore when they visit the United Kingdom.



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'Trans Mission,' 'Little Sister,' & 'Knockout'

Bookstr’s Three to Read This Week 6/13/19

Sometimes, the most incredible stories are true. Yes, that includes the anecdotes of party fouls and beach meet-cutes you’re surely hearing from your friends as summer rolls in. But it mostly refers to true stories on a much grander scale: tales of overcoming adversity and accomplishing incredible things. This week, Bookstr is bringing you three life-changing works of nonfiction, from a trans man’s memoir-slash-guide to pursuing the life you want, to a financier raised in a cult, to the legacy of an enduring cultural icon. All three of our authors have faced difficult circumstances, whether it’s coming out and undergoing surgery; being isolated from TV, music, and the outside world through adolescence; or growing up under segregation. Keep reading to get a look at three stories as powerful as their narrators.

Check out Bookstr’s Three to Read, the three books we’ve picked for you to read this week!



Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard 


'Trans Mission' by Alex Bertie



Being a teenager is difficult enough, but having to go through puberty whilst realising you’re in the wrong body means dealing with a whole new set of problems: bullying, self-doubt and in some cases facing a physical and medical transition.

Alex is an ordinary teenager: he likes pugs, donuts, retro video games and he sleeps with his socks on. He’s also transgender, and was born female. He’s been living as a male for the past few years and he has recently started his physical transition.

Throughout this book, Alex will share what it means to be in his shoes, as well as his personal advice to other trans teens. Above all, he will show you that every step in his transition is another step towards happiness. This is an important and positive book, a heart-warming coming-of-age memoir with a broad appeal.



Twenty-three-year-old Alex Bertie is a popular YouTuber who has been profiled for both BBC and The Times—and, more importantly, he’s chronicled his gender transition online for the last six years. With 300,000+ subscribers, he’s made his platform count with educational videos on binding safely, preparing for top surgery, and avoiding offensive language to describe trans people. While trans issues have recently moved into the public consciousness, activists like Alex who have bravely publicized their experiences for years. In addition to these educational videos, Alex also shares his opinions and experiences having sex as a trans person, attending pride, online dating, and coping with mental health issues. For young people who may not have found a LGBT+ community of their own, Alex’s open discussion of gender & sexual identities provides support and advice that some may not otherwise have access to. Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard is a profoundly honest and potentially lifesaving resource for anyone questioning their gender identity: Bertie discusses self-harm, dysphoria, and how he gradually came out and began his path to emotional healing. Perfect for LGBT+ pride month!



 Little Sister: A Memoir 


'Little Sister A Memoir' by Patricia Chadwick



They promised her heaven, but there was no savior.

Imagine an eighteen-year-old American girl who has never read a newspaper, watched television, or made a phone call. An eighteen-year-old-girl who has never danced—and this in the 1960s.

It is in Cambridge, Massachusetts where Leonard Feeney, a controversial (soon to be excommunicated) Catholic priest, has founded a religious community called the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Center’s members—many of them educated at Harvard and Radcliffe—surrender all earthly possessions and aspects of their life, including their children, to him. Patricia Chadwick was one of those children, and Little Sister is her account of growing up in the Feeney sect.

Separated from her parents and forbidden to speak to them, Patricia bristles against the community’s draconian rules, yearning for another life. When, at seventeen, she is banished from the Center, her home, she faces the world alone, without skills, family, or money but empowered with faith and a fierce determination to succeed on her own, which she does, rising eventually to the upper echelons of the world of finance and investing.

A tale of resilience and grace, Little Sister chronicles, in riveting prose, a surreal childhood and does so without rancor or self-pity.



In the tradition of Tara Westover’s Educated: A Memoir, Patricia Walsh Chadwick’s Little Sister: A Memoir tells a story of success despite harrowing odds. Featured in the New York Post, the gripping memoir depicts a childhood as impossible to imagine as it must have been to inhabit. As a child, Chadwick had never watched TV or read a newspaper. After being indoctrinated into a sequestered religious life since birth, a series of natural teenage crushes led to the cult community determining she was not fit to serve God. They allowed her to finish her senior year of high school, and then—not even an hour after her graduation—she was exiled from everything she had ever known. Despite all this, Chadwick became an incredible success with an accomplished thirty-year financial career and a CEO position in theLGBT+ health organization she founded herself. Powerful and moving, this is a memoir you’re unlikely to forget—a memoir unlike any other you’ve ever read before.



Knockout: The Art of Boxing 


'Knockout: The Art of Boxing' by Ken Regan




Ken Regan was a young photographer in 1964 when he covered Muhammad Ali’s first fight: his historic victory over Sonny Liston in Miami Beach. Afterward, the young photographer embarked on a life-long love affair with the sport of boxing.

For the next four decades, Regan would go on to chronicle the greatest fights and the greatest fighters of the age. His extraordinary photographs include many of the most enduring images ever created in the annals of boxing, as well as portraits of notable trainers, managers, promoters, writers, and the whole panoply of celebrities associated with the sport. Featuring some of the greatest ring action in boxing history, Knockout takes us from sparring sessions and press conferences to weigh-ins and post-fight sessions.

Knockout also features Regan’s compelling stories and firsthand accounts of his amazing photographic journey into the heart of boxing. Beginning with his early magazine work shooting prizefights and throughout the following decades, Regan developed close personal friendships with some of the greatest fighters. Regan captures intimate moments showing fighters with their families at home and on the road. With numerous black-and-white and color images, many of them seen here for the first time, Knockout is destined to be one of the most celebrated books ever published on the subject of boxing.



Although it’s been three years since Muhammad Ali’s passing, the legendary boxer remains a cultural icon. Just last month, HBO released What’s My Name: Muhammad Ali, a powerful documentary depicting not only his athletic career but also his legacy as an activist. Knockout: The Art of Boxing contains an introduction from actor Liam Neeson and never-before-seen photos from Ken Regan, a world-renowned photographer who has profiled the likes of Bob Dylan and Madonna, among others. Regan’s photography expertly juxtaposes the brutality inherent in the sport with the grace and strength of Ali’s character. If you’re short a gift for Father’s Day, why not check out this beautiful release from Insight Editions? It’s sure to be a winner.




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This Book Takes an in Depth Look at the Evolution of the Modern NBA

Since its inaugural year in 1946, the National Basketball Association has gone through multiple changes. From the inclusion of the twenty-four second shot clock in 1954, to the three point shot in 1979, basketball has developed in various ways as an attempt to keep the game as up to date as possible.

Kirk Goldsberry, a basketball writer and cartographer, has come out with a new book called Sprawlball: A Visual Tour of the New Era of the NBA. In this book, Goldsberry applies his cartography, or mapmaking skills to the game of basketball.




More specifically, he takes a deeper look at the three point shot, and how pivotal it has been throughout this league, shifting its focus from bigger players to smaller ones. He figures out where, how often, and how well players shoot from different areas of the court, and maps the data. Basketball has been a game of statistics since the beginning of its existence, but Goldsberry indicates that it has turned into a game of analytics.



The uniqueness of Sprawlball stems from the fact that, at its core, it’s a geography book. It’s simply a book of maps. Goldsberry blends his love for both cartography and basketball in this book, and it is a must-read for whoever is interested by a corroboration of how an application of analytics can have an effect on performance. In other words, it’s great for both sports lovers and science lovers. With the NBA Finals at the peak of its intensity, this is the perfect time to give Sprawlball a read.




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