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Indian Cricket Captain Mithali Raj Calmly Reads Before Batting

As the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup officially started on Saturday, June 24th, India’s team gave an impressive performance in achieving a convincing victory against England. Led by Mithali Raj, the Indian team won by 35 runs. While the team captain was waiting for her chance to bat on the sideline, she was spotted calmly reading a book. While most players would be sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting nervously and possibly fidgeting at the same time, “Captain Cool” showed us the perfect way to relax your muscles and get ready for making some record-breaking at-bats.


The video of her reading before batting has been circulating on Twitter, garnering the attention of cricket fans and making her a favorite of the community.

Raj herself took to twitter and explained the reason behind reading

In a post-game review, she revealed that the book was by a 13th-century Persian poet Rumi. Since normal electronic devices were not permitted, Raj had to borrow this from her coach.  In total, she scored 71 runs.


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You Know You Need a Hogwarts House Winter Coat

Today it’s very cold. I had to bring out my very thick and heavy winter coat. But now I have found that there are Hogwarts House inspired down jackets and I am rethinking what I wore today. Why am I not sporting a Ravenclaw jacket? 

Well, friends, ThinkGeek is at it again. First, there were the House comforters for your bed, now there are the down jackets. They run at $149.99 and are exclusively from ThinkGeek. Unfortunately, the Ravenclaw eagle hasn’t been fixed, but hopefully it will be soon!

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We’re Loving Richard Sherman’s Halloween Costume

We’re all huge Potter fans! But, Richard Sherman, the cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, may have us beat. He attended a news conference on Wednesday night dressed a little differently than normal. Sherman said that his son wanted him to dress up for Halloween this year, so he did just that.

Apparently, Sherman is a die-hard Harry Potter fan, so who else would you go as? Harry Potter of course!

In an interview with USA Today, Sherman revealed who his favorite character was from the series. 

RS: Ron Weasley. I like Neville too and I like Luna Lovegood, but Luna’s kinda crazy and Neville seems a little slow, so yeah, Ron. Because Ron always surprised you. Ron always seemed like he knew what was going on, but was always in the right place and came through in the clutch when he needed to. It was like he did some really cool stuff in the Deathly Hallows, in the first Deathly Hallows, him coming through and getting the sword of Gryffindor, come on. That was a huge deal. People don’t give him any credit. The first one, the Chamber of Secrets, they’re definitely not winning the chess game without Ron there.

And it’s no surprise that J.K. Rowling loved it and tweeted about it!

Watch Sherman’s interview here:



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Olympic Gold Medalist Predicted His Win

Sports have always served as a reminder of the rewards of perseverance and dedication. For many athletes, all their hard work culminates in The Olympics. This summer’s events are heating up and they have not been disappointing. It’s always interesting to learn about the lives of the athletes we are watching compete. Recently, the media uncovered a particularly touching detail about one of the summer’s most decorated athletes: Ryan Murphy. 

The U.S. Olympic swimmer has taken the world by storm this summer. He’s already won his country a gold medal and he’s only 21 years old. As it turns out, though, Murphy has had his eyes on Olympic gold for quite some time. His mother recently uncovered a hand-drawn, hand-written book that Ryan had completed when he was eight years old as a school project.

Image courtesy of Reuters

In the book, My Swimming Life, Murphey discussed his love of swimming and the goals he had for his future, even as a young child. The final page stated “I hope my swimming life continues and I become an Olympian when I grow up. I hope I will break the world records. I want to be the best swimmer in the world.”

The list of goals he provided for himself was certainly ambitious, but it’s to say that he has done a pretty good job of checking things off. Murphy is hardly grown up, but he is certainly an Olympian and has already broken a record for the backstroke, setting an impressive new one. Is he the best swimmer in the world? We can’t quite say for sure, but he’s well on the way. His book ends with the words “THE END” followed by many exclamation points. However, the way it looks from here, this isn’t the end for Ryan Murphy. It’s likely only the beginning of an incredible career. 

Perhaps, in years to come, we’ll see an actual autobiography from him. If he decides to write one, it could easily have the same title as that of his first work of literature.


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Quidditch: A Seriously Muggle Sport

Did you know that non-magical humans are playing Quidditch? Not only that, but it is an increasingly popular sport in colleges across America, not just Hogwarts, and there are leagues around the world!

“What? That wacky soccer-on-broomsticks game from Harry Potter?” is most people’s initial reaction. “So, you’re just running around with twigs for wands and painted-on lightning bolts?” You’re probably surprised to find out, then, that there’s more to Quidditch than meets the eye – and that you don’t need to know anything about Harry Potter to play.

You’re telling me this isn’t what you nerds wear to play sports?


Since you’ve most likely read the books and/or watched the movies, we can keep the game description brief. Muggle quidditch is much like you’d imagine it to be: there are still Beaters, Chasers, and Seekers all trying to score points by tossing balls through hoops, just like in the series. Since the power of broom-flight escapes us, players instead hold a broomstick between their legs for the entire game. The quaffle is replaced by a volleyball, bludgers are dodgeballs, and the snitch is simply a tennis ball in a sock attached to a team member’s waistband.

Sure sounds silly, right? So did most sports starting out. To see its seriousness, I invite you to watch some highlight reels:

You understand your dad a bit more for watching SportsCenter now, don’t you?

So no, no greasepaint scars and wizard props. Like soccer, players are constantly in motion and have to think tactically at all times. Getting tackled, tripped and pushed is merely part of the game. University teams often train with other sports on campus, such as soccer or rugby.

Quiddich as a legitimate, playable game has seen staggering – much of it in the face of eye-rolls and jokes – since it was mapped out for Muggle play in 2005. Starting from an inventive pair of bookish students from Middlebury College in Vermont, the sport began catching on, from collegiate teams to community leagues and, eventually, to national clubs.

Today, the International Quidditch Association (IQA) is a truly global institution, representing thousands of players across six continents hosting their annual IQA World Cup. This year’s tourney in Frankfurt, Germany hosts 25 countries’ teams as they compete over two days (July 23rd and 24th). And it’s not just English-dominated countries in the games, either: Pakistan, Uganda, South Korea, Peru and more are taking their 21-member teams on the road for the big event.

The beauty of the sport – no quotations necessary at this point – is that it builds a community that isn’t divided by age, gender, or knowing anything about the Potterverse. The IQA’s secondary mission in promoting the game is “to improve gender education across all sports and communities, promote equality and diversity, and foster a love of reading across all ages”. Take that, NCAA.

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