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Amazing New Sci-Fi Releases

Welcome back to your weekly reading guide! This week’s genre is science-fiction; sci-fi lovers, these new books are just for you. Don’t miss out! These books are literally out of this world.


  1. The Ballad of Ami Miles by Kristy Dallas Alley

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The Ballad of Ami Miles tells the story of Ami Miles, a girl raised in isolation. Born after the old world ended, she lives on her family’s trailer dealership compound. Unfortunately, when the old world ended the chaos began, and now Ami is being forced into an arranged marriage by her grandfather. Because she is one of the few women left who can still have children, it is her destiny to marry. Ami doesn’t want to get married or have children, however, and instead her aunts help her to escape and journey to find her mother. On her journey, Ami learns, not just about the world she was sheltered from, but also about herself.

2. Threshold of Annihilation by T.A White

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Threshold of Annihilation tells the story of of a girl named Kira, who is traveling to the planet of Jettie to find a safe place for her niece. However, when she arrives she finds that the planet of Jettie is hosting a series of dangerous contests with the goal to decide the fate of the empress. Kira has no choice but to join in, and as with any competition, there are enemies that come along with it. To survive, Kira must do what she fears the most and trust others. War is on the rise, and everything Kira once knew is about to change.

3. Day One by Kelly deVos

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Day One tells the story of two stepsisters, Jinx and Mackenna. Their parents are part of an exposed political conspiracy, and now the girls are on a mission to save their little brother Charles from the Opposition. With only each other to count on, they must fight their way through a secret military research facility. Mackenna is a journalist; in addition to helping Jinx rescue their brother, she has found herself the reporter of the new civil war. With her story as her only weapon, she is the toughest freedom fighter there is.

4. Extraordinary Forces: Brushfire by Craig Alanson

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Brushfire is the eleventh installment in the Extraordinary Forces series. This gripping installment finds the pirates having a hard time adjusting to peacetime; what makes it worse is that the aliens don’t realize the time for shooting is over.

5. Fleet Elements by Walter Jon Williams

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Fleet Elements is about two star-crossed lovers, Gareth Martinez and Caroline Sula. The extinct Shaa’s empire, the Praxis, has fallen into another civil war between the aliens and the humans. With the humans are gravely outnumbered, Gareth and Caroline are the leaders of the charge. In order to defeat the aliens, the must learn to work together. Even if they do win, however, there is so much division within the empire that it could be torn apart. While Gareth and Caroline believe they can take down the aliens, they aren’t so sure how to stop the fights amongst the humans..

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