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Doc Ock Returns! Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man 3’ Holds Several Surprises

Doc Ock, played by Alfred Molina in Toby Maguire's Spider-Man 2, is returning in Tom Holland's spider-Man 3!

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Stan Lee’s 8 Greatest Marvel Cameos Not From The MCU

Stan Lee’s passing has affected every Marvel fan, and I think I speak for all of us when I say that the MCU will never be the same without his patented cameos. Yet the myriad of movies to come out of the MCU are far from the only Marvel properties he made an appearance in, and so, to honor the late comic book writer on his birthday, I’ve compiled a list of his lesser known Marvel cameos, for it’s important for us to remember that Marvel isn’t just a single chronology run by Kevin Feige, but an expansive multiverse spanning dozens of continuities.

Image via Tristen Zelden

8. spider-man ps4

In the 2018 video game Spider-Man on the PS4, Stan Lee makes an appearance as a short-order cook at Peter and Mary Jane’s favorite New York City restaurant. When I witnessed him show his face at the end of that cutscene, I vocalized a long and high-pitched “Awww!”. This wasn’t very long after I heard of his death, and so seeing him in such an unlikely place delightfully surprised me, yet also punctuated the scene with a slightly sorrowful note. Also, knowing that this was one of the last cameos of his that he saw feels appropriate, as not only was Spider-Man a creation of his, but the character is almost the face of the Marvel Universe.


Image via Comic Book Movie

7. the amazing spider-man

In The Amazing Spider-Man, the first of the Sony duology of Spider-Man films, Stan Lee cameos as a librarian at Midtown Science High School, who is oblivious to the fight between Spider-Man and the Lizard behind him due to the fact that he’s listening to classical music. While the comic bit of an elderly character not noticing they’re in the midst of obvious danger was definitely overplayed by 2012, there’s something about Lee nearly getting flattened by a table that makes me smile. While The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to have tarnished the reputation of the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies, I think scenes like these help us realize that, like every incarnation of Peter Parker, they contain some redeemable qualities.


Image via Cinema Blend

6. deadpool

In Deadpool, Stan Lee appears as an MC at a strip club. Certainly the image of a 90+ year old man at a strip club is interesting enough, but what’s truly noteworthy about this scene is when he announces, “Give it up for Chastity!” Is this a reference to S.H.I.E.L.D agent Chastity McBryde or just a typical stripper name? Probably the latter, in all honesty, but the other noteworthy element of this appearance of his is that he actually had no hand in the creation of Deadpool. This may not seem very interesting initially, but I think it illustrates how Stan Lee became the unofficial face of Marvel, even though he worked with plenty of others when constructing his most iconic characters. Regardless, an old man introducing strippers is an amusing image.


Image via WhatCulture

5. fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer

This cameo of Stan Lee’s, unlike the previous one, makes a very clear and deliberate reference to Marvel Comics, specifically to Fantastic Four Annual #3, where Stan Lee and Jack Kirby themselves are turned away from the marriage of Susan Storm and Reed Richards. While only Stan Lee is present in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the same thing happens; he’s refused entry by a security guard because he’s not on the list. While this may seem like nothing more than a meta gag, a version of Stan Lee actually exists in the same universe as the Fantastic Four, and meets with them regularly to publish factual accounts of their adventures in their comics.


Image via Heroic Hollywood

4. big hero six

Many seem to not know this, but Big Hero 6 was actually a superhero team, and were first published by Marvel in 1998. While they weren’t very prevalent, only inhabiting a self-titled three-issue miniseries, they were the team that the characters in the Disney film of the same name were based on. I didn’t know this when I first watched the film, so when I saw that in the post-credit scene Stan Lee’s voice and likeness were used for Fred’s father, I was rather puzzled, and then slightly saddened when he is credited immediately after.


Image via TechEngage

3. spider-man 3

Stan Lee makes in appearance in all three films of Sam Rami’s Spider-Man trilogy, but my favorite of them would have to be the last one in Spider-Man 3. Credited as “Man in Time Square”, we see him and Peter Parker reading a news ticker about Spider-Man, and he says to him, “You know, I guess one person can make a difference.” To my recollection, this is the only Stan Lee cameo that is actually impactful to the plot, as it’s his advice that persuades Peter to retake the mantle of Spider-Man.


Image via ComicBook

2. x-men

I’ll be honest, this one is far from one of his greatest appearances, but it holds a special place in my heart because it’s the first one that I saw. I don’t rightly recall how old I was exactly, but I was definitely less than ten, and it was at a birthday party at a friend’s house where I first watched X-Men. I don’t even remember particularly liking X-Men that much, but I do have to thank the film for introducing me to Stan Lee, who opened a door for me to a whole new world of superheroes.


Image via SuperHeroHype

1. spider-man: into the spiderverse

While this list hasn’t been in any order, this cameo of Stan Lee’s definitely deserves the number one spot. In Into the Spiderverse, Stan Lee sells a Spider-Man outfit to Miles Morales. When Miles asks what would happen if the suit does not fit, Stan responds, “It always fits, eventually”, before revealing that he has a no return and no refunds policy. Not only is perhaps his funnest Marvel cameo, but it was apparently important to Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who wrote and produced Into the Spiderverse, to give Lee a bigger moment in the film rather than just a passing cameo because they felt he was “so integral to the spirit of this movie.” They described the role as “extra meaningful”, given Lee’s death a month before the film’s release, and with this knowledge the scene becomes a whole lot more meaningful.

For Marvel fans, Stan Lee’s face is almost like Pavlov’s bell. No matter what context it appears in, we smile whenever it’s shown to us on screen, and frankly, I’m perfectly okay with that. Along with Jack Kirby, he created a whole roster of some of the most iconic characters not only in comic book history but in Western pop culture, and it’s their hard work that inspired millions. So happy birthday, Mr. Lee, and excelsior!


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Marvel just won't quit with all of this news. Never miss out!

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This will be part one of a massive Marvel update due to the amount of new info!

WOW, WOW, WOW. Marvel Studios just dropped a bunch of huge news out of nowhere! Merry Christmas to me!




Just after releasing the fact that Hailee Steinfeld will be appearing as Kate Bishop in the Disney + show, Hawkeye, we ‘ve got news, first looks, and trailers for some of Marvel’s most anticipated new releases in the roster; including, Loki, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Ms. Marvel. But, before I get ahead of myself, let’s start with the biggest news.






Now, whoo, let us brace ourselves for a moment.


Braced? Holding onto your butts?  Great! We’ve got a more-than-two-minute look at what our dear, emo king, Loki will get up to in his own show on Disney +.

The trailer starts where we last saw Loki, or at least the one from the past who is still alive. It’s a little complicated and it’s been awhile since everyone has seen Avengers: Endgame, so let me explain. In Endgame, after the snap- five years in fact- what’s left of the gang figures out time travel to collect the infinity stones in a way that will defeat Thanos and bring everyone back.

Long story short, when they arrive in New York during the first Avengers movie, they pull off a complicated plan to get the tesseract (a.k.a the space stone) which has the ability to create portals where the user can portal from one universe to another. Due to some unforeseen hijinks, it ends up at Loki’s feet and he takes off with it swiftly.

So now, in the trailer, we see where he ended up. In a desert- but it’s very unclear which universe he’s actually in. At some point, he gets taken and put under arrest by Owen Wilson’s agent for the TVA (Time Variance Authority).

(The TVA is the literal governing body of the multiverse, which is a huge deal for the MCU and MCEU. Through the next few phases, the big brains at Marvel could be building up the next world ending event, which just might be a colliding of the multiverses and other universe heroes!)

Loki is taken down in an elevator with Wilson’s character and we get a shot of the elevator buttons which seem to be different universes instead of regular floor numbers in the building. We then see a flurry of scenes from Loki getting shown footage of his defeat, which also raises the question if time works differently at the TVA. If they can show him footage of what would happen, do they have footage of the future somewhere? Of Endgame and the events that happened in between? And where were they during the big events of the series anyway?

My theories aside, at the end of the trailer we see Loki with shorter hair and in a suit. Does he work for the TVA now? He jumps out of a plane and gets caught by Bifrost and taken to Asgard, presumably. The trailer is an obvious must watch. Coming to Disney +, May 2021.



The Falcon and The Winter Soldier


Image via Slash Films


Next up, we have a look at Anthony Mackie’s Falcon (Sam) and Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier (Bucky) in their team-up show for the streaming service. It’s been up in the air what the two would do after Captain America’s exit from the MCEU. Both Sam and Bucky were both canonically next to take on the mantel of our star spangled boy, but Steve gave Sam the shield in the end.

We see, in the trailer, that the shield was put into a memorial museum or exhibit for Cap. No telling how far into the future we are after his passing, but the two are suiting up again in some nice new gear. The trailer doesn’t give us much to go on about who they’ll be facing except for some shots with some young-ish looking people in masks.

The most intriguing aspect of the show, in my opinion, is to see how well the two interact now that Steve is gone. The change in their dynamic will hopefully prove to be interesting and keep us watching. Check out the tailer here. Streaming this coming March 19, 2021.


What If…?


Image via Sideshow Collectibles


Marvel’s What If…? might be one of the most advantageous projects they’ve taken on in an animated form.

The comic series and the show will explore many what if scenarios that could’ve happened if someone or something in the wide Marvel multiverses hadn’t occurred. The series ran from 1977 to 84 and the show, being made for the small screen, helps early theories about Marvel exploring more universes and realities in a BIG way.

In the trailer, specifically, we see that instead of Steve Rogers as Captain America, we see resident badass herself, Peggy Carter, dressed in a red, white and blue suit and carrying an English flag version of the shield.

T’Challa, once played by the late great Chadwick Boseman, is not seen as the King of Wakanda or Black Panther, but as Starlord.

We are briefly introduced to The Watcher; we see glimpses of Captain Marvel which seems to still be the Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) that we were introduced to in her movie, as well as Doctor Strange, who seems to be fighting an evil alternate version of himself. Most shockingly, we see Bucky fighting a literal zombie of his former best friend, still dressed and holding onto to his weapon.

I am beyond excited for this show! I think this one, along with Loki and WandaVision, might just be the ones to give us the unexpected chills. Give the trailer a gander. Streaming the summer of 2021.





Image via Gamesradar


Finally, we have a second official trailer for WandaVision. It will be the first of the Marvel/ Disney + shows coming out on January 15th, 2021. It’s not too different from he other sneek peeks and trailers we’ve seen so far, although we do get some Get Out, sunken place vibes as we see the characters glitch in and out of who they are and who they are pretending to be or warped into being.

We do get to see Kat Denning’s character, Darcy, from Thor and Thor: The Dark World for a quick second, as well as some magicking or “fixing” that Wanda is doing with Vision’s Mind Stone. It’s still very unclear where this place they are is, due to Wanda’s powers, because as we all know, Vision is gone. Before the snapping, Thanos ripped the stone from him, killing him.

I still want to tread lightly with this show, but overall it’s giving very Twilight Zone vibes, and I think I’m living for it. Their trailer is right here!

I will be back with pt. 2 very shortly! But what do you guys think? Which show are you excited to see the most? I can honestly say that my emo king is calling.





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