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Grinchmas Spirit Memes

The Holidays are upon us and what better way to ring in this wonderful season than with the man that hates it all, The GrinchHe is a hilarious classic character that has been around since 1955, and is not going anywhere anytime soon. So, here are some memes that best describe the Grinch in all his Grinchy glory.

  1. Understandable!

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Most of us can relate to this. The Grinch seems like he hates Christmas, but he really hates people so can we really fault him for that?

2. All of us Black Friday Shoppers!

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We all go shopping, and especially on Black Friday we tend to over shop, so we tend to forget to shop for others when we see something we might like. We can all admit we’ve made this face quite a few times during holiday shopping.



3. So True!

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That song, “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” does play quite often. So how can we expect the Grinch to think better of himself with this song on a constant loop?

4. Feelings, Feelings, Feelings! OH MY!

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Feelings can be the worst, can’t they? The Grinch hates anything that involves other people, so of course he hates feelings. Who wants to feel anything? They just get in the way!


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We all grew up to be the Grinch and that’s perfectly fine. We all experience these emotions at some point during the day, and that’s because like the Grinch, or sorta of like him, we’re human and we’re allowed to feel anything we want to feel.

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4 Books to Read at Thanksgiving to Survive the Holidays

It’s the end of the year, and the holiday season is upon us. Recommence all family feuds, jealousies, battles, and drunken tirades about who has the nicer house and who was the favorite child growing up and so forth. If you seek to escape some of the mayhem I’ve got some good book recommendations, short stories, and the like below all related to Thanksgiving…but in a good way, trust me. Check it out.

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is most well-known for writing The Great Gatsby, but in his book of essays, The Crack-Up, you’ll find a hilarious list of joke recipes called “Turkey Remains and How to Inter Them with Numerous Scarce Recipes.” For example, I suppose you could “take one large turkey and add one gallon of Vermouth plus a demijohn of angostura bitters then shake.” How about #12? “Turkey with Whiskey Sauce. This recipe” Fitzgerald writes, “is for a party of four. Obtain a gallon of whiskey, allow it to age for several hours. Then serve, allowing one quart for each guest. The next day the turkey should be added, little by little, constantly stirring and basting.” This is how I treat post-Thanksgiving leftovers, don’t you?

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Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote the short story “Three Thanksgivings” about the difficulty of economic independence for women in the late 19th century. In this story, an older woman named Mrs. Morrison can no longer afford her big house and is being pursued by her children and a mean man named Mr. Butts (well done Charlotte) to give up her house and move in with them. Instead, Mrs. Morrison finds another way. If you’re interested, it’s a short but pretty good read for girl-empowerment on Thanksgiving.

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Rachel Khong’s novel Goodbye, Vitamin has nothing to do with Thanksgiving except family. It came out in 2017 and made almost every must-read and bestseller list, for good reason. It’s a fiction novel narrated by a just-jilted thirty-something named Ruth. In the introduction, it’s Christmas Eve and Ruth receives a call about a man whose pants are hanging from an illuminated tree. They are her father’s; he has been diagnosed with dementia. She has nothing to do but go back home and help her mother take care of him. This theme, however, of memory and forgetfulness plays out through the novel, with beautiful and sometimes hilarious prose. Her father, for instance, has kept a memory journal all these years of what Ruth said as a child. He reads bits and pieces to her: “Today we went over to your mother’s friend’s house for dinner. We’d asked you to be polite, so you said, ‘No more please, it’s horrible, thank you.’ ” There are other far more eloquent lines like, “What imperfect carriers of love we are, and what imperfect givers…that the reasons we can care for one another can have nothing to do with the person cared for.” Enough of me spoiling this book for you. Read it if you haven’t already.

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I’m going to go out on a limb and mention a book that has absolutely no connection to any holiday. It’s called Where the Forest Meets the Stars. There is a man who is an agoraphobic egg seller and an ornithologist in her twenties whose bout with cancer has left her feeling deformed and unsexy. Both are too afraid to love anyone. The woman is finishing her Ph.D. when she and the egg-seller both come across a runaway girl who insists on sleeping in both of their yards. She also insists that she is an alien made of starlight from a planet called Hetrayeh. You wonder halfway through if the book is actual science fiction and well, maybe it is, I will never tell you. I will warn you though that some parts are cheesy love-making, yes the book can be cheesy, even when the characters aren’t having sex, but if you like a joyful ending, then this book is for you. So go forth, and eat the delicious whiskey-interred turkey, and read these books!


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Its National Redhead Day! Celebrate The Best Literary Redheads!

Its National Redhead Day, or as its more widely known National Love Your Red Hair Day, celebrates all of you out there with gorgeous locks of flaming hair. This celebration is made to make redheads feel confident and embrace their natural beauty, especially with the unique coloration they are blessed with. To celebrate in our own way, let’s count down some of the best redheads across the literature spectrum and see the abundance of them!

5. Ygritte: ‘A Song of ice and fire’

Image via Seven kingdoms of westeros

Ygritte hails from the gritty world of A Song of Ice and Firethe beloved of Jon Snow. A wildling who lives beyond the Wall, Ygritte is known as one who has been ‘kissed by fire’ and is considered lucky due to her red hair. She certainly lives up to that image, being a warrior who fights alongside the men and runs circles around Jon Snow whenever they’re onscreen together. Her red hair helps define her and certainly makes her stand out among her people.


4. Nancy Drew

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Nancy Drew from her own series is an interesting one. While she was always a redhead, as seen the original cover art for her books, she was later rebranded as blonde! But redhead Nancy will always stick in the popular consciousness and being honest, she’s way cooler with red hair than blonde hair (no offense to you blondes out there!) But Nancy Drew is an iconic character, a spirited, adventurous, smart girl who solved mysteries and inspired dozens to follow in her footsteps. Her hair was the icing on the cake for this badass gal.


3. Tintin: ‘The adventures of Tintin’

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Tintin, the titular hero of the famous Belgium comic The Adventures of Tintinmay not have exactly the best hairstyle to compliment his ginger colors (seriously, what is with that quiff?) but he more than makes up for it with his actions. He’s not a sidekick or a supporting character but the main hero and despite his small stature, he kicks all kinds of ass. Tintin has taken on smugglers, drug kingpins, Al Capone, assassins, pirates, and even supernatural creatures. Tintin may be a little bland personality wise, often be outshines by his supporting cast such as grumbling sea captain Haddock and bumbling professor Calculus. But his red hair makes him stand out and he’s always exciting readers with his next adventure!


2. Anne of Green Gables

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Anne Shirley is a classic heroine. The star of her novel, Anne of Green Gablesno list would be complete without mentioning this spirited young girl. Having grown up in an orphanage and based from family to family, Anne’s life takes an upswing when she moves into Green Gables. Her hair is a focal point of her worries, as her childhood friend and future husband often mocks her by calling her ‘carrots’, to her chagrin. But it bothers her less as she grows older and becomes truly part of her. With no red hair, there would be no Anne Shirley.


1. The Weasleys:Harry Potter’

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The Weasleys from Harry Potter are everyone’s favorite family. Molly Weasley is the ultimate mother, essentially adopting Harry as a bonus child while managing her very large brood of children. Ron is central to the series’s power trio, being Harry’s best friend, while his sister Ginny ultimately marries Harry at the end of the series. And there was no better identifying marker for the family than their trademark red hair, making them all instantly memorable from hair styles alone.

Happy National Redhead Day! Remember, love your hair and tell us who some of your favorite redheads in literature are!

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November Netflix: 3 Books to Screen Adaptations Coming Out!

Its a new month so that means new movies and TV shows to stream on Netflix! Can you name them all?



1-The King

The King

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Based on Henry V by William Shakespeare, this adaptations come November 1st! Timothee Chalamet will be portraying Henry V, and Robert Pattinson will be in it as well, playing the Dauphin.


2-Let it Snow

Let It Snow

Image via Wikipedia


Based on the John Green Novel of the same name, this adaptations arrives November 8th! The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star, Kieran Shipka, will be in it. As well as Marvel star, Jacob Batalon.


3-Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

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Based on the Children’s book by Dr. Seuss, this adaptation comes out November 8th! Familiar names, such as Tracy Morgan, Diane Keaton, Adam DeVine, and Keegan-Michael Key, from Key and Peele will be narrator.



Click Here for a full list of all new releases coming to Netflix



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Port Chester Kids Treated to Free Books on Halloween

Anyone go to Port Chester?

Instead of kids going out on goosey night to flip some cars, they instead had the opportunity to flip through some books.

Image Via Port Chester Teachers Association


Laura DeChiara, president of Port Chester Teacher’s Association told News 12 that:


We feel it’s important that they sit down with a book, be transported to another place and time, which is very different than reading the small little tidbits that they read on their phones.


Kids might get transported to new worlds thanks to books, but the Teacher’s Association got in their cars to give kids around the block an opportunity to get some books by handing out some free books!


Image Via News 12 Westchester


Looks like a dream come true. Think they’ll come around your block for Halloween?


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