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Little Women’s Jo and Laurie Return in New Novel

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Little Woman has captured the hearts of many and it looks like it will not be going away anytime soon! Melissa de la Cruz, known for her popular children’s books The Descendants, and the Alex and Eliza Trilogy, has co-written a new novel with author Margaret Stohl, the author of Rolls Royce. Together, they wrote a new take of the classic Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.



This new sequel focuses on the characters Jo and Laurie as they grow into adulthood. They also deal with their relationship and how they truly feel for each other. It takes place after Jo finishes writing her novel.

Bustle has released the beautiful cover, which you can see down below.

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If Jo and Laurie broke your heart in Greta Gerwig’s film adaptation, then hopefully this book will mend it. Readers can pre-order Jo and Laurie today. The book will be released June 2.


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Must have Romance Novels!

Any week is a good week when you read a great romance novel! These most recent romance releases are perfect for any romance lover, or for anyone in the mood for a great read. So be sure to add these great titles to your TBR.



  1. Blitzed by Alexa Martin

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Blitzed, follows Brynn Lawson, as she does everything she can to ignore the romantic advances of Football star, Maxwell Lewis. He may bring a lot of business to her bar but after a first chance encounter that went wrong, Brynn is not interested in giving Maxwell the time of day. However, Maxwell isn’t ready to give up so easily. He knows he screwed up their first meeting, and he wants to give her an explanation but he can’t, so his best bet is to do his best to make amends. Brynn isn’t so easy to win over. She doesn’t care about his football team or how attractive he is, so Maxwell is really going to have bring his best game to play.


2. Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn

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Love Lettering, follows Meg Mackworth, who creates custom journals for New York’s elite. She also has a knack for reading signs that people can’t see. When she sat across from Reid Sutherland and his fiancé, she just knew it was doomed to fail. She even let a little something slip in their wedding program about it, but it was so small no one would notice, or so she thought. A year later, Reid tracks her down and demands he tell her how he knew his future would implode. However, Meg doesn’t have time for Reid and his questions, with her massive case of creative block. Reid tries to help her find inspiration and along the way they begin to open up to each other, which leads to a deeper connection and all the signs are there. Meg must pay attention to these signals before its too late.



3. Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

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Would Like to Meet, follows Evie Summers, who has spent the past seven years as an assistant. She is way over due for a promotion, but her agency is in jeopardy. The only way to save it is for Evie to convince Ezra Chester, the agency’s most arrogant client, to finish writing his script. Unfortunately, Ezra has writers block and Evie is the one to help him unblock it. She must prove to him that people can fall in love just like in the movies, which sends Evie down a humiliating path of reenacting classic scenes from romantic comedies, as well as reflecting on the love that left her scorned.


4. Husband Material by Emily Belden

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Husband Material, follows Charlotte Rosen, who has been dealing with the loss of her husband for the past five years. She’s worked so hard to move forward; she has a great job, great roommate, and a cute dog. Charlotte has managed to data crunch her life, so she can avoid all the risks. However, she never expected her late husbands ashes to turn up on her doorstep, so she sets out to find out why. That means she has to face her perfectly difficult ex-mother-in-law, and her husband’s best friend. The best friend becomes a fixture, and a shocking secret comes to the surface. Now Charlotte has to answer questions she never knew to ask and consider forgiveness as an option. A chance at new love also arises and Charlotte has to decide to follow her heart or stick to her date.



5. Asking for a Friend by Lauren Blakely

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Asking for a Friend, follows a woman who posts her friend on a dating website, since her friend is finally ready to date again. Being the good friend, she decides to weed through the candidates to pick the best ones for her. However, one of them responds, and she’s torn because now she wants to date him. Can she date a man she screened for her friend? She is definitely not asking for a friend.


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Literary Icons We Lost in the Last Decade

The 2010’s have been a notable decade for literature lovers. Starting with big corporate bookstores going out of business and making room for the indie bookstores, we also saw the rise of audio-books, as well as platform being given to strong female protagonists with books like, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Gone Girl , The Girl on the Train and so on. But in the past ten years we’ve also lost a number of prolific icons from the literary world and here are some of those authors and poets who have touched our lives with their iconic works, which will continue to influence us and the generations to come.

J D Salinger

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We’ve all read his famous book in high school, The Catcher in the Rye, which is a fantastic piece of work tackling many pressing issues such as identity, loss, and sex. Salinger also exhibits relentless talent in his short stories, such as in A Perfect Day for Banana Fish. The writer lived until the long age of 91, and breathed his last on January 27, 2010.



Maurice Sendak

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Even if you can’t immediately recognize this talented author by his name, I’m certain we are all familiar with his famous book, Where The Wild Things Are, which is a celebrated children’s picture book, teaching kids about imagination, independence and overcoming fear. The author/illustrator left us on the 8th of May in 2012.


V.s naipaul

Image Via BBC

Nobel Laureate and Booker Prize winner, V. S Naipaul left the world on 11th August, 2018. His book In a Free State won him the Booker Prize and he was also awarded the Trinity Cross in 1990, and was also made a Knight Bachelor in 1990.



maya angelou

Image Via Read it Forward

It was a tragic day when the world lost literary legend Maya Angelou. Not only was she a prolific, talented poet, singer and memoirist, she was also a famous civil rights activist, and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. Her book of poems, Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diiie won the Pulitzer Prize and her autobiographical book, I Know Why the Caged Birds Sing, garnered much critical acclaims and went on to be made into a TV movie with the same name in April 1979. Her departure was a great loss for the entire world, but her legacy will continue to live on within her works.


stan lee

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On November 12, 2018, we bid farewell to the creator of The Amazing Spider-man, X-Men and all the other Marvel heroes who continue to dominate our lives since we were children. This man’s legacy cannot be put in words, as movies after movies continue to wow us with the foundations Stan Lee had built during his long standing career. When he passed at the ripe age of 95, it was when we thanked our stars for being born during his era, to enjoy the fruits of his creativity.



william goldman

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This remarkable American novelist, playwright and screenwriter left us on November 16, 2018. By the end of his career, William Goldman had received his first Academy Award for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and another for All the President’s Men. He also won two Edgar Awards, and was eventually given the Laurel Award for Screenwriting Achievement in 1985. But perhaps his most notable work is The Princess Bride, the popular fantasy-romance novel which came out in 1973, and was adapted into a movie of the same name in 1987.



fred bass

Image Via New York Post

While not everyone recognizes Fred Bass without a quick Google search, but be sure to know that this man has changed the lives of millions with his contribution to the book industry. Bass left us on January 3, 2018, but he made sure to leave the world a little more educated and tons more curious, with his creation of The Strand Bookstore in New York City. As one of the most popular bookstores in the world, with its eighteen miles of books, Strand has not just become a common household name for New Yorkers, but has won hearts of people all from over the world, all thanks to this kind and intelligent soul.


anthony bourdain

Image Via Robb Report

Although we mostly know Anthony Bourdain from his popular TV shows and his celebrity chef status, but we can’t forget that he first emerged as a writer in the late 90’s when his column came out in The New Yorker, Don’t Eat Before Reading This. This later resulted in Bourdain’s first book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, followed by his second, Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook, which was published in 2010. His demise was certainly a tragic one, leaving his fans in utter pain and disbelief, but his perception regarding the exploration of international cuisine, culture and human conditions has taught us all a few great things about not being scared of the unknown.



harper lee

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To Kill a Mockingbird is an American Classic, and Harper Lee was a legend for the creation of such an impactful book during a time of turmoil and distress in the Americas. Her revolutionary vision, through the eyes of the young protagonist of her book, is evident and speaks volumes about her life as a child growing up during the Great Depression in the South, exploring topics such as regionalism as well as racism. The book has garnered her several awards, including the Pulitzer Prize in 1961, as well as awarding her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2007, which was very well deserved. The world lost a power-house figure on February 19, 2016.



ursala k le guin

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Ursala K Le Guin had written over twenty novels and one hundred short stories, spanning a literary career for almost sixty years before her passing on January 22, 2018. She had won eight Hugo Awards and six Nebula Awards, making her one of the most influential Science Fiction writers of our time, and that too as a woman, considering that science has always been a supposed male dominated field. Legends like her give us hopes to break barriers and march on.


toni morrison

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The beloved Toni Morrison, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, Beloved, left a gaping hole in the literary world as she left us on August 5, 2019. She gained further recognition as she won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1993. She was also the first African American female editor at Random House in New York in the 1960’s. During her lifetime, she has inspired many people of all color to break free of stereotypes and to live their truth, whatever that may be. Her writing is so influential that her fan base continues to grow since her departure. Her writing has been critiqued by notable editors and writers alike and to this day, it is praised for its daring narrative. If there should be a legendary writer, Toni Morrison is deserving of that title.


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Start The New Year Right With Netflix & Hulu Adaptations

Now that the Holiday season is coming to a close, the time is nigh for some relaxation, personal reflection, and more amazing adaptations.



With the beginning of a whole new year, and decade, there is a lot for fantasy lovers to rejoice about. Two big franchises are hitting the streaming block. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King are now on Netflix to kick us off on some fantastic adventures, and for all you Twilight fans out there, all four movies will be out on Hulu to start the year as well.


Image result for edward cullen sparkle gif

Shine bright like a Vampire | Image via Tenor


To the delight of horror fans, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is making a comeback with a new Netflix Original Series, to be released early this month, and for younger fans of horror, and the supernatural, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back with its 3rd season. To no surprise, Stephen King is receiving attention with his two adaptations Cujo and Pet Sematary on Hulu.


Joy and childlike memories can be found with the release of the classic Willy Wonka & the Chocolate FactoryOnce more we can relive the wonderful vocals and acting prowess that is Gene Wilder. Smile brightly with this adorable and fun film for the whole family!


Image result for willy wonka gif

Image via Giphy


Sadly, not all is happy, and sometimes a new beginning means saying goodbye. Starting January 3rd, fans of Anne With An E must bid farewell to the lovable freckled redhead, Anne.

When any series, book, television show, movie franchise, etc, comes to a close, there can be a process of letting go and moving on. This is especially the case with inspiring and heartfelt shows like Anne With An E — but such is life. We move on and grow, and, thanks to these beloved shows, we have been able to take a break from the rough battles of reality!

So that being said, let’s take 2020 by storm, with some amazing books and book adaptations to support us along the way.






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Watch These Battles of Epic Proportions and more January 1st on Netflix | Image via Gyfcat






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Witness The Horror of the zombie cat in Pet Sematary | Image via KnowYourMeme


  • Cujo (1983 Film) – based on the Stephen King novel (January 1st, Hulu)
  • Pet Sematary (1989 Film) & Pet Sematary II (1992 Film) – based on the Stephen King novel Pet Sematary (January 1st, Hulu)
  • The Ring (2002 Film) – American adaptation, originally based off the book Ring by Koji Suzuki (January 1st, Netflix)
  • Dracula (2020 Netflix Original Series) – based on the novel by Bram Stoker (January 4th, Netflix)






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Fans are saying goodbye to the beautiful cinnamon roll Anne January 3rd on Netflix | Image via Giphy






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Morgan Freeman is on the case in the thrilling film Kiss the Girls  | Image via Giphy







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The lovely and, at times, frightening Sabrina Spellman is coming back to put a spell on you January 24th | Image via Giphy






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Can’t you just hear his beautiful voice? Gene Wilder, you’ll forever bring joy to us all | Image via imgur



Featured Image via Simki


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Top Romantic Picks To Help You Thaw From The Cold

It’s that time of the week again and it also just so happens to be that time of the year! This week’s top Fiction picks of week will make perfect stocking stuffers and are great reads for a nice winter night in by the fire.



1. Regretting You by Colleen Hoover


Regretting You, tells the story of a mother, Morgan and daughter, Clara, who can’t seem to see eye to eye on anything. The only person who can keep the peace is Morgan’s husband, Chris. Unfortunately, Chris passes away due to a tragic accident, which leaves Morgan and Clara grieving with the long lasting consequences. While trying to rebuild the world that shattered around them, Morgan finds comfort in the last person she expected and Clare begins to see a boy she’s been forbidden to date. As the days go by, the bond between the mother and daughter begin to stretch further and further apart with all the secrets and resentments, so it’s hard to say if Morgan and Clare will ever be able to fix their relationship.



2. Steal her Heart by t.s joyce



Steal Her Heart, follows Maris Thurgood, who is left to manage a ranch on her own. She is struggling to keep it together and then matters are made even worse when a pack of werewolves begin preying on her herd, which forces her to sell. While trying to sell she meets Bryson Locke, and wonders why someone that is tall, dark and handsome like him would want to start a business with her. But he does and his only condition is for Maris not to come outside after sundown. However as they begin to know each other, Bryson learns that Maris has her guard up because of past relationships, and he begins to wonder why a pack of werewolves is targeting her, and the answer might get them both killed.



3. Devious Lies by Parker S. Huntington


Devious Lies, tells the story of a young woman who wants nothing more than to be with Reed Prescott. Her plan to escape the friend zone is simple, to sneak into his room and sleep with him. However, she accidentally slips into bed with Reed’s older brother, Nash, and now four years later she’s twenty two and in need of a job and he’s thirty-two year old billionaire in need of revenge. Her family ruined his and even though Nash can’t seem to stand her, she takes his torture because she needs his money. It’s that simple.



4. Humbugged by Pippa Grant and Lili Valente



Humbugged, follows Noelle who is recovering from a break up. When marine, Clint O’Dell stumbles into her bakery at the right time to save her from a murderous goose, a rogue reindeer, and the Ghost of Christmas Right Now, all Noelle can do is picture him naked in a Santa hat. She knows she should stay away, but instead she agrees to be friends with benefits for Christmas. Maybe it was the egg nog that clouded her judgement, but maybe Clint is the Christmas miracle she’s been wanting, unless the magic goes away once the holidays are over.



5. The Line Up by Meghan Quinn


The Lineup by [Quinn, Meghan]

The Line Up, follows Jason Orson, baseball player, and he just scored a date with the woman who accidentally donated money to his charity. However, Jason knows the truth, he knows this woman has a crush on him. They just so happen to have friends in common, he didn’t know her name until two days ago. She wears a power suit  and has long black hair, but Jason sees beyond the suit, and he sees what she really wants. She wants more than just a date with him, she wants Jason all to herself.



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