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This Couple's Harry Potter Reading Room Is on a Whole Other Level

It’s always nice to see book fans that have a true and deep love for something. To the untrained eye, it may be borderline obsessive, but to us, it’s absolutely glorious. In this case, we give major kudos to a southern couple who charmed their very living space.


7 Summer Reading Books That I Ended up Loving

As an English major, my eyes have crossed paths with more books than I could really remember. Sometimes I see or read something that reminds me of a specific scene or plot and it triggers a feeling. Not always, but sometimes.

Another Stephen King Work Is Coming to Our TV Screens!

A new year means new TV shows to watch; previews and premieres begin to bombard us and I’m lucky if I can keep up with just one let alone five.Guess what? I’ve got another to add to the list and it’s from one of the biggest, darkest, and successful authors I know.
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