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The Amazing Book Covers of Kavalier and Clay

It has been 20 years since Michael Chabon’s legendary novel was published on September 19th, 2000. In that short time, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay has won a Pulitzer Prize, and many many other awards.

The book follows two cousins, Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay, as they reunite when Joe comes to America to escape Nazi Europe. The pair combine their skills, Joe the artist, and Sam the writer, to navigate the newfound world of comic books. It follows their careers, and intertwined love lives: Sam struggles with his queerness in a time when it wasn’t accepted and Joe falls in love with a woman he can’t have. Chabon lets readers into a world that is torn by war and patches it with the love and creative connection that the two cousins share.

It is incredible that in only 20 years the book has become a modern American classic. But, what is more incredible is the number of book covers that it has gone through.

There is a quote in the book that reads, “Forget about what you are escaping from. Reserve your anxiety for what you are escaping to.” Here are the TAAOKAC book covers. There are so many of them and they are all amazing. They say not to judge a book by its cover, but hopefully, after seeing these, TAAOKAC will be something you want to reserve your anxiety for and escape into.

Happy 20th.

1. The first edition published by Random House in 2000

image via amazon

2. The 2001 paperback edition with Houdini on the cover

image via goodreads

3. the post-Pulitzer edition in august 2001

image via goodreads

4. The Italian Edition in 2001

image via goodreads

5. the Swedish edition in 2002

image via goodreads

6. the german edition in 2004

image via goodreads

7. the french edition in 2004

image via goodreads

8. the Chinese edition in 2012

image via goodreads

9. the rebranding of all Chabon books to look this way in 2012

image via goodreads

10. the polish edition in 2019

image via goodreads

11. the new paperback edition in 2012

image via goodreads

12. the gorgeous limited edition illustrated edition that costs $135

image via the folio society


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Music Monday: Draco Malfoy

Today we are taking a train to a school where all of us want to be right now, Hogwarts. We will be discussing a character that draws a mixed reaction for the Harry Potter fandom, needs some time on a psychologist’s couch, and is the ultimate daddy’s boy. Draco Malfoy, yes he did join the Dark Lord in the Half-Blood Prince and try to kill Dumbledore. But, depending on your reading, he did redeem himself during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Draco is a kind father to Scorpius in The Cursed Child (depending on whether or not you believe that is canon) and helps the golden trio to save Albus and Scorpius. For those who like fanfiction, he is an extremely supportive father/grandfather to Rose and Scorpius’ children. Plus, he is totally doing the rounds on book TikTok right now.

To the music. This playlist is composed of songs that are vapid, contradictory, slightly depressing, and shed light on someone who wrestles with his feelings.


The songs I want to highlight today are “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms and “Super Rich Kids” by Frank Ocean. “Hey Jealousy” speaks to Draco being jealous of Harry from the moment he first set his eyes on him.  “Super Rich Kids” is the song that describes Draco who believes that wealth and his pureblood status got him everything.

Feature image via Quirk/PNG