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5 Cataclysmic Kittens in Comics

It's no news that cats are celebrated companions to us. We take pictures of them doing just about everything, cuddle with them whenever we need support, and allow them to rule the internet.

Archie Comics Get Revamped Thanks to Spotify!

It was only recently that I’ve become a Spotify user. And yes, I am late to the party, but what can you do? Listening to awesome playlists has been my thing, but now Spotify is promising more, especially for comic-lovers.


3 Story Arcs the Marvel Universe Should Consider Adapting

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is expanding its lore and story deeper and deeper every year now. Infinity War is still playing in theaters and the fan base is only increasing. With all the hype still going on, everyone has one question on their mind: "What will they do next?"

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