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Here’s What You Missed at New York Comic Con: DC Comics Edition

Once upon a time, before the integration of all sorts of semi-unrelated media and publications, comic book conventions highlighted exactly that—comics. Now, I’m as grateful as any hardcore fan that the Dragon Ball franchise is getting the mainstream convention attention it deserves, but it’s always important to celebrate the comic book universe that started it all: DC Comics.


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New York Comic Con 2019 was truly eventful (especially for someone with a press pass), and DC announced loads to look forward to in the coming year. Here’s a quick run-through of some of the biggest things that DC will be bringing to shelves and more.


Year of the Villain


It’s Apex Lex Luthor vs. The Batman Who Laughs. Crazy s**t has gone down since comics superstar Scott Snyder broke open the DC Multiverse in his Dark Nights: Metal. The event introduced the already iconic villain, The Batman Who Laughs, who is now running rampant and turning the strongest in the multiverse into an unstoppable private army. Lex Luthor, now a super-powered-semi-alien creature, has released a cosmic being from the Multiverse’s fracture who can alter all of existence.


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Only one will be able to do as they please with the world. As writer James Tynion IV of the upcoming Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen series explains, “It’s kind of an Aliens vs. Predator situation: whoever wins, we lose.”

Even the most devout of us DC fans will wonder how our heroes will resolve this one.



The New DC Timeline


The past, present, and future of the DC universe collide. The Doomsday Clock event emphasized that every DC continuity in the last eighty years is indeed relevant and canon. Now, DC is OFFICIALLY streamlining its massive collection of continuities into a coherent timeline, an undertaking that literally made my jaw drop while at the DC Nation panel on Friday.


Image via DC Comics


According to publisher Dan Didio:


“We are trying to organize our stories in a way that makes cohesive sense from beginning to end, from the start of DC Comics to today. This timeline will build a continuity that makes sense across all of our characters, show them when they’re first introduced, how they interact with each other in one big story that will be the basis for all DC comics for the future.”


If you’ve ever wondered how to get into comics and where to start, DC is about to make it a whole lot easier.



Batman’s 80th Anniversary


While I am biased as a Batman fan (there’d be no Jason Todd/Red Hood without Batman), it’s appropriate to say that the Dark Knight has persisted in the public consciousness for good reason. Batman’s stories have withstood the test of time and have served as inspiration throughout the decades—and they’ve just been so damn good.


Image via DC Comics


The following is a quick interview conducted at New York Comic Con, where I sat down with a few prominent Batman creators to ask the age-old question:


“Even after eighty years, why does Batman continue to persist as an iconic figure?”


Scott Snyder (Batman: New 52, The Batman Who Laughs): “I think what makes him timeless is the idea that he teaches us that whatever scares us, whatever holds us down, whatever challenges we’re facing, we use those as fuel to get up and conquer, to use those as fuel to be a better person, have an effect that day and matter, so I think that’s a primal and very enduring lesson.”

Jock (Batman: Black Mirror, The Batman Who Laughs): “He can handle any story and any environment that he’s placed in, and that’s all he needs.”

Frank Miller (The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One): “I’d say he brings order out of chaos no matter what era he’s in, and…above all else, he looks pretty damn cool.”


Batman be praised—Hail the Bat King—etc., etc.



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Check out This Amazing Wonder Woman Cosplay from New York Comic Con!

Last week, New York Comic Con came and went but out of all the announcements and panels, no one made a bigger impression than Lis Wonder. Lis Wonder is a cosplayer and her Wonder Woman costume blew everyone away. Not only that but the cosplayer looked almost exactly like Gal Gadot. They could seriously be the same person.


Image Via Reddit


Did you guys go to Comic Con? If so, who did you dress up as?

For more of her amazing Wonder Woman cosplays and others click here to see her Instagram.



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‘The Addams’ Family Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know

In honor of the new movie coming to theaters tomorrow, here are some quick facts about everyone’s favorite family.

The comic strip that started in 1939 didn’t do much to illuminate the family’s dynamics and many of the titular characters didn’t have names.

But in short biographies for the family members that were released in the sixties are more facts about them. Some that were adapted and some that weren’t.


1-Wednesday has six toes on one foot


For some reason that fact just adds so much more to her. I didn’t need to know this but I’m happy that I do.


Image Via Imugr


2-Pugsley can turn himself into Mr. Hyde


With just ordinary chemistry Pugsley has reinvented science and he is just a child. In some adaptations we see him playing with his homemade guillotine, dynamite and causing regular mayhem like stealing a stop sign and waiting to hear the crash but this is something I would love to see.


Image Via Pinterest



3-Lurch was seen as a joke


The faithful and silent butler of the family is always there when he is called for. But it seemed Charles Addams’ creation of the character was meant for the family to see him as nothing more than a joke. It’s hard to think that the family didn’t treat him well. Although in the shows and the movies we don’t see any of this which I am grateful for.


Image Via Imgur



4-Morticia and Gomez aren’t married?!


Underneath the biography for Gomez, in parentheses, “if they are indeed married at all puts into question whether the most romantic couple are married or not.” People can have long standing relationships without being married but it would be crazy if these two weren’t. Thankfully there is no question whether the two are married and completely in love in the past adaptations.


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Here’s a link to all of the biographies and other pictures from the comic strip: Addams Family



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A Touching Tribute: ‘Riverdale’ Recap

My relationship with Riverdale started out pretty innocently. I had loved the comics as a kid and begged for each one I saw in the check out aisle of the supermarket. With a cartoonist for a father, my desires were usually fulfilled and I quickly fell in love with Archie and his friends.

After watching the first three seasons in their entirety, I can ashamedly admit that I am completely upset. Yes, I can acknowledge the bad writing and ridiculous story lines, but I just cannot escape the sheer enjoyment of sinking in the insanity of that show (and I also since have determined that Lili Reinhart is the greatest actor of our generation).

As a resident Riverdale fanatic, I think it is time that I have declared my allegiance with the drama publicly—and what could be more public than a column on the internet where I rant, rave, recap and review each episode of Riverdale as it comes out?

Season Four premiered last night, so this makes our first installment, but be warned: spoilers ahead.

The cast and crew made it very clear that the first episode would be a tribute to the late Luke Perry who played Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews in the series. With that being said, the episode opened the same as any classic Riverdale episode would—with Jughead sitting at Pop’s typing away on his laptop.


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Image via USA Today


The episode begins with the show’s expected nonsense with glimpses of Jughead and Varchie as they relish in the summer before their senior year of high school. One of my favorite things that Riverdale does is make fun of itself. In this case, the core four bring up the idea of going camping. When the prospect of encountering bears is proposed, Jughead eases the group’s minds with the reminder that Archie has indeed fought a bear or two in his day. Just normal high school things.

Archie then gets a call about his father and here is where the main subject of the episode comes up. Speaking generally, the cast and the writers dealt with the death in a very touching and graceful way. The lines between the characters and the actors mourning blurred—very reminiscent of “The Quarterback” episode of Glee, where they honored Cory Monteith.

In one particularly touching scene, the children sit around and share their favorite moments they shared with Fred. Betty, Jughead and Veronica then accompany Archie to retrieve his father’s body from where he was hit by a car that killed him. The entire time, Archie is supported utterly by his friends and his mother. What begins as a Fourth of July parade for the town soon becomes a memorial parade for Fred, as the camera recognizes every character in Riverdale as they mourn and celebrate Fred’s legacy, even focusing on Hiram and Hermione in prison.


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Image via Variety


Fred died a hero in the show, honoring Perry fittingly with an entire town behind him. Other touching moments include Josie’s rendition of “Amazing Grace” at the funeral and Jughead’s obituary in the town newspaper.

When faced with the unimaginable cast of having to unexpectedly plan a character’s death, the Riverdale cast and crew succeeded. They handled the situation beautifully and I can’t say that I didn’t well up a few times. After the final scene, the screen showed those words we all saw coming but dreaded, “In loving memory of Luke Perry 1966-2019.” It was made very clear that Perry impacted every person he came into contact with and his death was felt was many.

Now, as Perry’s legacy permeates through the entire show, the sneak peek for next week promises the same antics we are used to seeing on Riverdale. The break from the madness, though beautiful, was short lived. We now look forward to senior year adventures for the Riverdale gang—but will they act like normal students this time? Never.


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Marvel’s Newest Hulu Series Rounds Out Its Cast

Marvel’s The Runaways is the first MCU series streaming on Hulu, but the streaming service will soon debut another series: Hellstrom.


The cast

Image Via The Verge


Hellstrom is a comic book series that follows siblings Daimon and Satana Helstrom. The original series has the siblings be the children of Satan and battling supernatural beings. The upcoming Hulu series will follow the same characters, but they will be portrayed as siblings whose father was a notorious serial killer and the duo spend their time tracking down the worst of humanity.


Image Via Bleeding Cool


Marvel announced today that the lead roles have been cast. The main two are being played by Tom Austen, from The Borgias playing Daimon; Sydney Lemmon, from Fear The Walking Dead, will play Satana⁠—who will be renamed Ana in the show. The rest of the cast includes Elizabeth Marvel, Robert Wisdom, June Carol, Ariana Guerra, and Alain Uy.

You can read the full details of the cast here.



There is no word yet on when the series will premiere, but it will most likely debut next year.



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