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Bad Family: ‘Riverdale’ Recap

The Riverdale writers have clearly not been reading my articles because they still don’t understand that the show succeeds when all of the characters interact. They have a great ensemble cast, so why not use it? This is why the musical episodes are so fun- they are all forced to actually go to school and participate in the same things. And it promises at least one group number so everyone is at least on screen at the same time. But, no. Instead, we get subplots for each individual character. Yet again. 

Luckily, in this episode we get to see Betty and Jughead together a little more than usual (and Veronica and Archie, who have been kept very separate opposed to their usual constant makeout sessions). Jughead is rampaging because he believes that his grandfather actually wrote the first Baxter Brothers book and not Mr. DuPont. Betty and Jughead do their usual investigating and pretty much confirm that they are correct. When Jughead presents his findings to DuPont, he freaks out and basically threatens him. It can be assumed that Stonewall Prep had something to do with his grandfather’s downfall that they love to talk about so much. 

Even worse, Jughead’s teacher, Mr. Chipping, confirms Jughead’s beliefs about his grandfather, but cannot work up the courage to confront him. Instead, Mr. Chipping jumps out of the window in front of his students. While Jughead freaks out like a normal person, the rest of the class sits there humbly as if they are in on some sort of joke. This insinuates Stonewall Prep is hiding a lot of sinister secrets. DuPont then becomes Jughead’s new teacher which should be super fun for him. I wonder if Moose will ever come back…

Now, I am beginning to think that Stonewall Prep is going to have something to do with Jughead’s “death” later in the season. It appears that the other students and faculty at Stonewall are trying to target Jughead the way they did his grandfather so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the cause of Jughead’s actual death or the reason why he needs to fake his death. 

Speaking of death, Betty decides to test her theory about Charles being a serial killer through a polygraph test after visiting Chic in prison to hear a story about Charles going mad and stabbing someone to death with scissors. The only thing she learns is that Charles is a recovering addict, so she feels pretty bad about the whole thing. She feels even worse, however, when following Betty’s visit, Chic decides to call the police and report a murder at the Cooper household. A murder that Chic committed, which he then pinned on Alice. FP and Charles go to cover the evidence that they had hit all that time ago and everything seems to be fine. That is until we see Charles visit Chic at jail, call him babe, and relate how FP brought him right to the body. Don’t you hate when your fake brother and your half brother start dating?

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Speaking of siblings, Hermosa is still in Riverdale for some reason and she is causing a lot of drama for Ronnie. Despite her father being a maniacal murderer, Veronica still craves his approval. Thus, she becomes very jealous at the prospect of another daughter in on her turf. Unfortunately, Hiram moves back in with Veronica and her mother when Hermoine falls victim to Mark Consuelo’s abs. Can you blame her? 

Once Hiram replaces the creep painting of Veronica over his death with an equally creepy one of Hermosa, she decides she is done with her parents and refuses to attend their vow renewals. Way to go, Ronnie. 

Instead of attending her parent’s second wedding, Veronica uses her riches to help her boyfriend spruce up his community center so young boys would stop working for Dodger. Veronica buys some sick arcade games and offers free burgers and they draw a huge crowd. Of course, Dodger shows up to wreak some havoc. Veronica’s threatening glare and Archie’s huge biceps drive him away, luckily, but that doesn’t stop him from turning up at the end of the episode wrapped up in a rug and bleeding from the head. Looks like a classic whodunit to me. 

Oh, I should mention they find Dodger half dead after he pulls a drive by at the Andrews household. As if that family hasn’t been through enough. All I can say is I hope Molly Ringwald put him in that rug. 

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We already know that Cheryl has a crazy family, but they just keep getting bigger and bigger. Some aunts and uncles come to Thistlehouse to try to convince Cheryl to sell the maple business. For some reason, this involves seeing the chapel (where dead brother Jason sits) so Cheryl banishes them from her house. They keep coming back because they are Blossoms after all and Uncle Bedford actually discovers Jason. He begins to get physical with Cheryl. It’s a good thing that she has a girlfriend in a gang. He gets knocked out. She diverts her other aunt. Everything is settled for now. Oh, and she drowned the haunted doll that has been terrorizing her and the babies. Should be good now, no?

Is it too much to ask that anyone on this show have a normal loving family? Except for Archie of course. And they’re being targeted with guns. I think Jughead needs to get out of Stonewall Prep once and for all. Betty needs to trust her intuition because she clearly knows what she’s doing. Veronica needs to continue dissing her parents. Archie needs to protect his mother at all costs. And Kevin needs to be in the show more. 

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Spooky Season: ‘Riverdale Recap’

What is the point of having Halloween specials on a show where weird, spooky and strange things happen every episode? Now they happen in costume.

The most important takeaway from Riverdale this week is that Toni is the best girlfriend in the world. Imagine finding out your girlfriend was keeping her dead brother out on display in the basement of the house you two share and still loving her? That’s how you know it’s real.


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Even after Toni convinces Cheryl to bury Jason again, her horrors are not over. A doll begins to terrorize Thistlehouse. Toni believes that Nana Rose and Cheryl are playing a prank on her—if Jason comes back, the haunting of his ghost through the ghost will stop. Luckily, Toni and Cheryl get all dressed up in their Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn costumes…just to host a seance with Jason. Nana Rose then informs the girls that the ghost is not Jason but a third child that Cheryl absorbed while in the womb. When the hauntings continue after Toni and Cheryl dig up Jason’s re-buried corpse, they think she may be right. I guess this doll of babies past will be sticking around.


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One thing Riverdale has always done right is their incorporating of classic horror tropes. Betty all alone on Halloween, Jelllybean playing silly pranks. Phone calls claiming to be the Black Hood. Loud knocks on the door. With Betty dressed as a character from the original Halloween, every small sound and every ring of the phone leaves you wondering.

Apparently, the phone calls were from Polly in the mental hospital, but she doesn’t really give much of an explanation over the phone. Either way, with small children dressing up as the Gargoyle King and the Black Hood, I don’t think Halloween is Betty’s holiday.

While Betty stirs at home twitching at every noise, Jughead was busy getting buried alive as some sort of Stonewall Prep initiation ceremony—you know, the kind that happens at every school. It seems as though the students want Jughead gone. Probably because his literary genius is so threatening and they’re afraid he’ll write a better sonnet. Sometimes a prep school brat’s love of Edgar Allan Poe goes a little too far and you just have to trap someone in a coffin. We’ve all been there.

Jughead also learns about the “Stonewall Four,” where four students from Stonewall vanished out of thin air one right after each other. Of course, Jughead doesn’t vanish. In typical Moose fashion, he is in one episode, gets my hopes up about a “Mevin” reunion, and then disappears. Yes, Moose joins the vanished lot, now named the “Stonewall Five” because Kevin (and myself) are not allowed to be happy ever again.



Speaking of Kevin, while his past lover was disappearing, he was getting reprimanded for vandalizing Mr. Honey’s office with Reggie. When you have no friends, these are the types of things that you get roped into. Mr. Honey realizes this. One of the best parts of the episode was Mr. Honey saying that Kevin’s top school is NYU (Violet pride) but quickly shutting him down (because Kevin can never be happy) and saying he will never get in. What a great educator. I’m glad to see Kevin’s storyline is finally picking up again.

Mr. Honey also blames Reggie’s bad behavior on his father’s abuse. To rectify this bold statement, he continues to be a good educator by vandalizing Reggie’s car right back. It’s hard to tell if this man is playfully witty with a good heart or just plain mean. He doesn’t have a great track record so far.

If you’re wondering why I save Veronica and Archie for last, it’s because I care about them the least. See? Full transparency. You won’t find it anywhere else. I have to say, Veronica’s storyline was pretty interesting in this episode. She keeps Pop’s open late for a weary traveler just trying to drive through the night to meet his family. While he finishes his meal, Veronica hears on the news of a serial killer on the loose who matches his description personally. This also mirrors a typical horror scenario. Since Riverdale kids are no strangers to serial killers, she gets away not without burning him alive first. Way to go, Ronnie…I guess.


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Self proclaimed hero Archie Andrews actually gets the suit he so deserved. We get the first mentions of the new CW Archie Comics spinoff, Katy Keene, in this episode when Veronica tells Archie and Munroe she can get costumes for them from her designer friend in New York. These costumes are skin-tight superhero costumes, of course. My hero, Archikins.

Our eighteen-year-old savior throws a Halloween party in the community center he has created in the time since the last episode to keep the kids off the streets for the night. Of course, a dangerous gang shows up who a lot of the kids in town work for. Things get violent, a child is shot, Archie is devastated, since he is personally responsible now for every bad thing that happens in Riverdale. After the fiasco and little Eddie turns out to be okay, Veronica poses an amazing suggestion—”Why don’t we clean up the streets?” I cannot believe no one has thought of this before! Veronica for New York City mayor 2020.



The episode ends once again with that looming plotline of Jughead’s future death. Jughead alludes to him going missing and Betty being the one to find him. Meanwhile, Charles listens in through the device he was using to trace the prank calls Betty got. Very creepy, bro. It then shifts to FP and Betty identifying Jughead’s body. Suddenly, this threat of Jughead’s eventual death seems a lot more real, despite Roberto Acquirre-Sacasa promising Jughead’s vitality before the season started. I trusted you, Roberto. Now I don’t know what to think. Also, Charles has clearly shown himself as a shady character. Can’t Betty have one family member who is stable? Is that too much to ask?


The answer is yes. Everything is too much to ask in Riverdale. We already know this.


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Marvel’s ‘Cloak and Dagger’ Canceled

The freeform Marvel show Cloak & Dagger has been canceled. It only ran for two seasons and unfortunately was ended reportedly due to a large drop in viewership. While their own show is canceled, Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt will reprise their roles and make an appearance in the third season of The Runaways another hit Marvel show on Hulu.

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Other shows based on Marvel properties on prime time television like Legion, on FX was canceled and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will rap up some time next year. There isn’t any word that these cancellations are a  direct result of the creation of Disney +, the House of Mouse’s streaming service due to launch next month, but it wouldn’t be too far off to say. They have been slowly taking off Disney movies from Netflix. So get your wallets ready, I guess.

I was a fan of the show so I’m sad to see it go, but who knows maybe they’ll do more with the characters in the future.


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Aqualad Swims in New Directions in This Upcoming DC Comic!

DC comics’ character ‘Aqualad’ has a new graphic novel. Jackson Hyde, the new Aqualad will be the main character of this novel. We follow Hyde as he discovers his powers and explores his sexuality. It so important to see stories like this, especially in the super hero genre. There are so many different interpretations of superheroes in different times lines and universes; its great to see variety in their sexualities as well.


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You Brought Me The Ocean comes out this coming summer. So do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It is sure to be good.




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Korg’s Return

Marvel’s Phase four is already underway and Taika Waititi will direct the fourth Thor movie titled, Thor: Love and Thunder. 

Waititi promises that it will be bigger and better than Thor: Ragnarok.  Waititi’s Thor is my favorite out of all the movies about the God of Thunder. It shows the characters in a different way, it’s absolutely hilarious and has a flare that only Waititi can bring to a film.


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In the fourth film a lot of the cast will be returning. Waititi will reprise his role as fan favorite, Korg, Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. There is also speculation that she will follow a story line from the comics and become Mighty Thor.

The  movie won’t be out until 2021 but my anticipation is through the roof.




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