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Hunger Games Prequel Has Shocking New Protagonist

There has been some exciting new information about Suzanne Collins’ new Hunger Games book, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Not only will the story be set sixty-four years before The Hunger Games, but it will follow the series’ antagonist, President Snow! However, it looks like the tables have turned, because he is now the hero of Collins’ new series!

The picture below shows a young Coriolanus Snow looking very dapper.


Image via entertainment weekly

More information about the book claims that Snow is a young teenager who is very wealthy. Even though Snow has it all, he wants more than wealth.  It seems like we are going to see a very different side of Coriolanus Snow.

Entertainment Weekly released an excerpt from the book. So far, we know that Coriolanus Snow has to be a mentor in the Hunger Games in order to graduate from the Academy.

In the first look at the official artwork, Coriolanus is looking young and very charismatic. Before we know it, we might even be rooting for President Snow this time around!



featured image via bustle

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5 Books To Read If You Love ‘Winnie The Pooh’

Aside from the simplicity of the story, this book is filled with so much heart, as well as beautiful quotes to take to heart, especially for those who grew up either reading and/or watching 'Winnie The Pooh.'

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Watch Out! The Witches Are Back!

The Witches have made a comeback! It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 30 years since Roald Dahl’s masterpiece book was first adapted into a movie back in 1990, starring the fabulous Anjelica Huston!


gif via pop horror

You’d think we’d be safe this time around, but the clan of evil women have joined forces with the fabulous Anne Hathaway as the The Grand High Witch and Octavia Spencer as additional cast! Spooky, we know!



image via hollywood reporter


Director Nicolas Roeg did a spectacular job with the movie in 1990, because it still has a cult following to this day. But rumor has it, Roald Dahl did not approve of the film, as the ending was changed from the book, so lets see how things turn out this time around.


image via imdb

Even though the book came out in 1983, I remember reading it as a kid much later and being downright terrified. And the movie was perhaps one of the single most horrifying and equally thrilling children’s movies to have ever been released, in my opinion!



image via amazon

So, safe to say, we are quite excited and thrilled for the upcoming adaptation, and hope it does justice to the previous fantastic 1990 movie, as well as the timeless book. And maybe this time around, Roald Dahl would finally be content!


featured image via heart radio

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Starring ‘Twinkle’

As a child, we expected to be surrounded by bullying. In fact, it is so common that almost every movie that revolves around a school setting has some form of bullying. Some, sadly, are more extreme than others. A young author made it her responsibility to help kids deal with bullying in a more positive way through her first book, Twinkle.


Image Via Kark


Akire Lynn Williams was a victim of bullying herself when she was just eight years old. She tried speaking with her teachers, but to her surprise, there was little to nothing to stop the continuous battle. In order to deal with the stress of bullying, Akire was able to express herself through writing.

Akire’s family was unaware of the experiences she had at school and was sad to know that she was going through this. At the same time, they were proud that Akire was able to write a book that shows others they are not alone.



The story is about a girl named Twinkle who ran away from home because she was bullied for being too small. The story resonated with her because most of the bullying that Akire experienced was towards her height.


Image Via Amazon


According to 11-year-old writes book inspiring others to stand up against bullying, after writing the book, Akire “felt more confident with myself, I felt bigger, like everybody wants to be my friend ever since I wrote the book, but like I’m just way more confident and outgoing.”



There are three lessons that can be learned from reading Twinkle. One is to always speak up. It can be hard to tell an adult what is going on but tell your parents and your teachers so that something can be done to prevent it from happening again.

Two is don’t be a bully. Don’t pick on someone for being different from you. You don’t know what they may be going through and your actions can cause more harm.

The last and most important lesson is to always be a star. No matter what you are going through, never forget to be yourself and be the light in the room.


Image Via Twitter


Akire at such a young age was able to use her own pain with bullying to inspire others to stand up against bullying. Her confidence to do so has allowed Akire to win the ‘No Bullying Hero’ award in D.C. and the Peace award in Chicago.


Featured Image Via Kark

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My Favorite YA Series of the Decade

I’ve decided to make a short list of some of my favorite YA series of the decade with no definite number because I didn’t really put much thought into how many I’ve read. But I feel like if you have the time, pick up these series. They may be aimed at younger audiences but there are still themes and topics that we can find relevant to people at any age. So let’s get to it.

Heroes of Olympus – Rick Riordan

Image result for heroes of olympus"


Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ is my favorite fantasy series of all time even over Harry Potter. The ‘Heroes of Olympus‘ series came out in 2010, but I hadn’t heard of it until 2012, when ‘Mark of Athena‘ came out. I couldn’t help but rush to the nearest bookstore to continue Percy’s story. Initially, I was shocked because Percy the main character of his original series, wasn’t the main character but one of seven. 

The series introduces us to five new main characters that readers grow to love over the course of this series. The series also introduces Roman mythology alongside the established Greek and Egyptian Mythologies from Rick’s previous series (‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ and the ‘Kane Chronicles‘.) The series starts nearly a year after the end of the original Percy Jackson series, with its first book, ‘The Lost Hero’. It follows the adventures of three new characters, Jason, Leo and Piper who find themselves tangled in the center of a mystery that involves themselves and Percy who has gone missing, the Greek Gods and their Roman counterparts.

This series was a great continuation because it allowed the readers of Percy Jackson to continue on with the universe in a slightly more mature series that didn’t stray much from its origins.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard – Rick Riordan

Image result for magnus chase and the gods of asgard"


You can tell by now that my love for Rick Riordan and all of his books is serious. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard was created after the success of the Heroes of Olympus series. Rick introduces his newest protagonist, Magnus Chase, who is Annabeth’s cousin, whom we were initially introduced to and followed in both the original Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus series. But this series takes place in Boston, where the Norse Gods have taken up residency. We are taken on a wild ride that forces our main hero to interact with the creatures and gods of Norse mythology.

The series is very similar to Percy Jackson and the Olympians, however Rick does attempt different themes. Such as diving in and discussing LGBTQ topics with the character Alex Fierro, the shapeshifter, whose gender can change depending on their mood.

And explores the differences between Percy and Magnus. Magnus is first introduced as a homeless kid that lives on the streets of Boston, he’s naturally chooses not to fight while Percy jumps in and tries to protect everyone himself. So, if you loved Percy Jackson, I recommend Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.



Arc of a Scythe Trilogy – Neal Shusterman

Image result for arc of a scythe barnes and noble"


The ‘Arc of a Scythe‘ trilogy has become my single most favorite series of the decade. The trilogy takes place in a future where humans have conquered death. All forms of government have been eradicated and everything is dictated by an evolved version of the cloud, called, the “Thunderhead.” Race and ethnicity are irrelevant except for those that still show some slight leaning in to a particular ancestry. People can no longer die because of the development of a way to be reverted to a younger age. However, the population has increased. “Scythes”, have to perform a nobel gleaning so that humans don’t run out of space.

The series is incredibly intelligent and discusses topics such as morality, human nature, worship, and fanaticism. The two main characters of the series are Citra and Rowan, two teenagers that find themselves thrust into the world of a scythe. Its tense, mysterious, fun and thought-provoking.


Throne of Glass Series – Sarah J Maas

Image result for throne of glass series barnes and noble"


Assassins, kings, princes,knights and a plot for a throne. ‘Throne of Glass‘ has all the makings of a traditional fantasy series, however, led by a fierce female assassin, Celaena Sardothien, who found herself in the middle of a plot to help overthrow a tyrannical leader. The first book, titled, ‘Throne of Glass’ follows Celaena after her imprisonment because of a series of assassinations that terrorized the entire country. She is given an ultimatum by the prince, Dorian that she can either waste away in prison or potentially free herself by becoming one of the king’s private soldiers. To do so, she’d have to win a tournament and face off against other strong opponents, all the while, looking for an assassin that is making their way around the contestants.

There are around seven books in the series and involves everything from action, adventure, romance and everything else you could incorporate in a series. I love it for its simplicity and great characters.


Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins 

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset (Paperback Classic Collection)


Now finally, the biggest name on this list. The ‘Hunger Games” trilogy. Now technically two of the three books in the trilogy came out in the previous decade. However, with the height of the series and the final book’s release in 2010, I can’t help but include the series in this decade’s list. The series was such a massive hit that it eventually got turned into a movie series that propelled rising actress Jennifer Lawrence into stardom. The films also featured stars such as, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks.  

The books follow the main character, Katniss Everdeen, a girl in a dystopian future after a great war destroyed most of America. And in its wake exists twelve districts and one capital. She lives in district twelve, with her mother who is suffering from the trauma of her husband’s death and her younger sister Primrose Everdeen. Every year the twelve districts are forced to offer one boy and one girl as tribute who will then be sent to the capital. From there they are to fight to the death in front of the entire nation in a game called, “The Hunger Games”.

After Primrose’s name is drawn from the potential tributes, Katniss offers herself instead and thus begins the events of the book that will eventually lead to a great revolution in their world. The book is told in the perspective of Katniss, so the reader is allowed to see the world through her eyes and where she struggles with her family, being offered as a tribute to entertain the pompous and flamboyant people of the capital and most importantly, trying to survive.

These books are a tense and wild ride that I would suggest everyone read because it tackles topics like trauma, stress, capitalism, imperialism and colonialism.  

Some Honorary Mentions: 

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor

Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth

YA series are a fun sub-genre, they have an ability to reach readers across a wider audience, while also discussing deep topics. It will continue to be popular, and for that we should continue to enjoy them as they come.



Featured Image via Read Riordan


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