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Curious George

New Program Gifts Books to Newborns

It’s never too early or too late to discover the joy of reading. The Pratt Public Library and Pratt Regional Medical Center have come together to create a “Books for Babies” program that gifts books to newborns, hoping to spark the joy of reading early.


Pratt Regional Medical Center with Curious George books

image via pratt tribune

The Medical Center already gives out gift baskets for new moms and newborns to take home, and thanks to the Pratt Public Library a Curious George book will be added. Library director, Eric Killough, got the idea from his wife living in Canada. A library in Toronto had a similar idea, and once he got wind of it he had to pick it up.

In an interview with the Pratt Tribune, Killough said that Curious George was chosen because there are many books and it would encourage further trips to the library for more books. I mean who doesn’t love Curious George?

I find this to be an excellent idea, especially for families that wouldn’t make it a priority to get children’s books for a newborn. It makes reading more accessible and more fun.

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Chelsea Clinton’s New Children’s Book Brings Awareness to Endangered Species

Chelsea Clinton has written many children’s books over the years, ranging from a variety of topics such as climate change, feminism and youth activists. Her latest book, Don’t Let Them Disappear, follows a similar trend, and Clinton was in San Jose today to promote the book.

On her way to the San Jose Woman’s Club for a sold out signing of the book, Clinton stopped by Los Alamitos Elementary School to talk to several students talk about the message of the book: protection endangered species.

Don’t Let Them Disappear goes through species currently on the endangered animals list due to poaching or habitat destruction. The book encourages readers to engage in environmental protection in order to help these species.


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Clinton spoke to around 400 kids about her writing process, politics and what it means to be a parent. The topic of saving endangered animals is very personal for Clinton:


“I have always cared about endangered species, and I was so grateful that I kept hearing from kids your age and a little older and younger how much they cared about endangered species, too. The idea came from wanting to have a book that could help to inform and empower young readers and also a book that I wish I had when I was your age.”


Clinton hopes that children will use the themes of the book to become more socially conscious about animals and protecting their habitats.


Don’t Let Them Disappear is available now.



Featured Image Via Chicago Tribune