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"Alien Superstar" Cover

Book About Alien Superstar Written by Superstar

Henry Winkler of Happy Days fame is tackling fame and show business in his new short series about an alien who becomes a teenage sensation.

Before we unpack this wild situation, let’s start with a little context. Happy Days was an American sitcom that aired from January 15th, 1974 to September 24th, 1984 on ABC. The show about a small family living in the mid 1950s become such a culture icon that all I need to say at this point is the young Henry Winkler played “The Fonz”.

As the wacky neighbor of the group, the Fonz frequently worked with the Cunningham’s family children. As a result, it should be no surprise that Henry Winkler knows a thing or two about teen actors.

And now Henry Winkler has a three-book deal with Abrams Children’s Books for a middle-grade series, as reported by AP News.

But the seventy-three-year old won’t be alone. Co-authoring the book is Lin Oliver.


Lin Oliver

Image Via Simon & Schuster


She is a television producer who is perhaps most famously producing the television series Wayside, a quirky series about a school that was accidentally built sideways and now has one classroom per the thirty-floor buildings, with the mysterious nineteenth floor occupied by imaginary Miss Zarves.

The television series was based on the book series written by Holes author Louis Sachar.



Wayside series

Image Via Nickelodeon Wikis – Fandom

This won’t be Henry Winkler’s first time as an author, and it won’t be the first time he worked with Lin Oliver. They both teamed up to write the Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever book series. The 18 book series about dyslexic child growing up was a smash hit and was not only made into a three season long television show but also infamous got printed in a special font called Dyslexie specially designed to assist dyslexics with reading. 



Hank Zipzer: The World's Greatest Underachiever

Image Via Amazon


Now Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver are back for Alien Superstar. With  illustrations by comic book artist Ethan Nicolle, known for creation of the graphic novel Axe Cop, this middle-grade series will be about an alien who lands in Hollywood and becomes a teen sensation (of course!)


Henry Winkler

Image Via NPR

The first book of this trilogy is scheduled for October 1st. Are you excited?



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School Considers Removing 200 ‘Sexist’ Books From Library

Purging libraries of books considered harmful to children isn’t anything new. It can be for violent content, sexual themes or even due to being written by a controversial author. One group in Barcelona is considering purging books for another big reason: sexism.

The Guardian reported that the Associació Espai i Lleure has reviewed close to 600 books in The Taber School in Barcelona as part of their Library and Gender project, which aims to highlight the hidden sexist content found in most children’s books.

The group found that around 200 of the books at the school’s library contained hidden sexist themes. As a result, the books is considering removing from the library. Some of the removed books include Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty.

The group said that the purpose of this review was not to target specific books, but to address the larger issue of sexism in children’s books. There have been studies conducted about gender bias in children’s books, in which males are more likely to be the protagonist of a children’s story and get more speaking roles than female characters. Espai i Lleure hopes to shine a light on the casual sexism in certain stories in order for children to learn these earlier in life in order to counter sexism when they are older.

You can read for about the group’s efforts here.

Do you agree with what Espai i Lleure is doing?



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Jacqueline Woodson Reveals the Cover of Her New Book!

Exciting news for Jacqueline Woodson fans! An award winning author, Jacqueline Woodson has written more than two dozen books throughout her career, covering multiple genres and writing for children, young adults, and adults. She’s won the Newberry Medal of Honor several times and the 2014 National Book Award for her New York Times bestseller Brown Girl DreamingNow, according to The Oprah Magazine, Jacqueline is releasing a new book called Red at the Bone. 


Image via The oprah Magazine


The cover of Woodson’s book features the silhouette of a young girl against a collage of different colors. Red at the Bone takes place in Brooklyn and looks to be dealing with similar themes of diversity, race, economic anxiety, and other themes of the New York borough that Woodson considers ‘ripe for a narrative.’

She also hopes her new book will be able to cross literary genres in order to offer a voice to both young and old to make real change to the community, as well as offering a new perspective that isn’t often addressed. She’s drawing influence from her own environment, from poor management of schools, African-American culture, and her own background of growing up.

Red at the Bone is due September 17th but this looks like a great novel to pick up. Are you excited? Tell us in the comments!



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Graffiti Vandals Sentenced to Read Books

Two and a half years ago, in September 2016, Prosecutor and Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Alejandra Rueda dealt with a case where five teenagers between the ages of sixteen and seventeen were arrested for spraying offensive, racist graffiti such as swastikas on an old schoolhouse in Virginia. The schoolhouse taught black students during the era of segregation. The teenagers pleaded guilty to one count of destruction of private property and one count of unlawful entry.


image via bbc


When Rueda heard what was going on years ago, she decided to investigate it further, and when she realized it was the teenagers, she took matters into her own hands.


“The graffiti was racially charged – they had spray-painted swastikas and phrases like ‘White Power’ and ‘Brown Power’. But there were also images of dinosaurs, women’s breasts and penises. And I thought, ‘This doesn’t look like the work of sophisticated KKK people out to intimidate – it looks more like the work of dumb teenagers.'”


image via bbc


Reuda saw this as a learning opportunity since she believed that the children did not know what they were doing, especially when it came to spraying painting a swastika.

The judge endorsed the prosecutor’s order that the teenagers should be handed down a “disposition” as a sentence known for juvenile cases. Alejandra Rueda made a list of thirty-five books and ordered the offenders to choose one title a month for a year and to write a book report on each of the twelve books they wanted. Rueda explained that they had to write twelve assignments and 3,500-word essay on racism and what they had done.


Things Fall Apart – Chinua Achebe

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou

The Tortilla Curtain – T.C. Boyle

The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini

To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee

12 Years a Slave – Solomon Northup

The Crucible – Arthur Miller

Cry the Beloved Country – Alan Paton

My Name is Asher Lev – Chaim Potok

Exodus – Leon Uris

The Color Purple – Alice Walker

Night – Elie Wiesel


Volunteers painted over the graffiti and the old schoolhouse was opened to the public in 2017.


image via bbc


image via bbc


All five of the teenagers completed their reading and writing assignments and completed their mandatory visits to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Museum of American History’s exhibit on Japanese American internment camps in the US. Two years later, the teens were unwilling to give an interview, but one of them agreed to share their final essay. “We have to educate kids out of ignorance,” says Alejandra Rueda. “And with children, our focus has to be on rehabilitation and not retribution if we want results,” the prosecutor said.


The final paragraph, the conclusion of the essay said, People should not feel less than what they are, and nobody should make them feel that way. I think especially awful after writing this paper about how I made anybody feel bad. Everybody should be treated with equality, no matter their race or religion or sexual orientation. I will do my best to see to it that I am never this ignorant again.


Check out more of the story from BBC, reported by Emma Jane Kirby and you can hear Emma Jane Kirby’s report on the World at One, on BBC Radio 4.


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These 6 Amazing Infographics Show the Best Books With the Worst Adaptations

It’s happened to us all: you’re all excited for your favorite book to become a movie and then— it sucks. It’s among life’s deepest heartbreaks. It’s so upsetting, in fact, that Bookstr’s amazing designer Leandra Pearson has made these incredible infographics about some of the best books with the worst reviewed movie adaptations!



1. Ender’s Game by orson scott card 


2. The Great Gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald


3. The Dark Tower by stephen king


4. The Hobbit by j.r.r. tolkein


5. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by rick riordan


6. Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl