Category: Women’s History Month

3 Reasons to Appreciate ‘City of Bones’

As we eagerly anticipate what's next in the Shadowhunter Chronicles after Chain of Iron (how are we supposed to wait a year after THAT ending?!), let's take a moment to appreciate the book that started it all: City of Bones.

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My Predictions for Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ Series

With the release of Netflix's highly anticipated Shadow and Bone adaptation only a month away, fans of Leigh Bardugo's novels have been coming up with their own predictions for the show and now I want to get in on the fun.

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Why the ‘Strong Black Woman’ Trope is Both Worn-Out and Dangerous

This Women's History Month, we explain the strong black woman trope and look at not only how played out it is, but why it's extremely dehumanizing.

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