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Salinger Fans Unite For NYPL Exclusive Exhibition!

Great news for Salinger fans, as the New York Public Library presents an extremely rare glimpse into the life and work of author J.D. Salinger with a rather extensive exhibition, giving insight into the famous author’s life.


image via the independent


The exhibit includes a number of manuscripts, letters, photographs, books, and personal items that have been exclusively extracted from Salinger’s personal archive, the J.D Salinger Literary Trust, now run by his son Matt Salinger. This will be the first time these items—on loan from the J.D. Salinger Literary Trust—have ever been shared with the public.


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The exhibition is organized by Matt Salinger and his wife Colleen Salinger, along with Declan Kiely, Director of Special Collections and Exhibitions at The New York Public Library.



The great news is, the exhibition is free! Coinciding with J.D. Salinger’s birthday, the exhibition will be on display until January 19, 2020 in the Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Gallery at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

More than 200 items spanning Salinger’s life will be featured. This will include the original typescript of The Catcher in the Rye, revised by the author, along with the original typescripts of some of Salinger’s other shorter fiction work, including Franny and Zooey.

There is also an original pencil portrait by E. Michael Mitchell, who made the original cover design for The Catcher in the Rye, and a collection of family photographs from Salinger’s childhood, youth, and later life, including photos from his World War II service.


image via Smithsonian magazine


Some of the more personal items include; a bookcase from Salinger’s bedroom filled with books from his personal library, and items from Salinger’s childhood, including a bowl which he had made at summer camp when he was about 10 years old, notebooks, passports, honorable discharge papers from the army in which he identified his civilian occupation as “Playwright, Author, ” and personal artifacts such as his pipes, eyeglasses, wristwatch and the cup he drank coffee from every morning.


image via nypost


Among these items, his typewriter and his film projector, were also present.


image via the wall street journal


The exhibition also includes a description of J.D. Salinger’s life and profession written by Salinger himself, showcasing a rare glimpse into how the author viewed himself. The description was written as part of a 1982 legal document. The description reads, in part:

“I am a professional short-story writer and novelist. I write fiction and only fiction. For more than thirty years, I have lived and done my work in rural New Hampshire. I was married here and my two children were raised here. . . . I have been writing fiction rather passionately, singlemindedly, perhaps insatiably, since I was fifteen or so . . . I positively rejoice to imagine that, sooner or later, the finished product safely goes to the ideal private reader, alive or dead or yet unborn, male or female or possibly neither.” – J.D. Salinger



Please note, while the exhibition is free, there are no bags or cellphones allowed and of course no photographs. It’s absolutely worth the experience and the influence is staggering, to just be able to immerse yourself in a place where one of the most influential authors is put on display in all his glory.

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The Most Influential Authors Of 2019

TIME released their 100 Most Influential People of 2019, earlier in the year. Since the year is ending, we should take some time to take a look at the authors that were given featured and the books that brought them onto the list. 



Marlon James

Image result for marlon james"



Marlon James is a Jamaican writer that grew to prominence when he released the book, A Brief History of Seven Killings that covers a period of time over several decades and the attempted assassination of Bob Marley. The book was a huge critical success that had a lot of people wondering what his next work would be. Five years later, in 2019, he released the novel, Black Leopard, Red Wolf a fantasy novel that is touted as an African Game of Thrones that draws influence from J.R.R Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. The critical acclaim of the book has drawn attention towards James as it is the first book in his planned Dark Star trilogy that is being considered potentially the next great fantasy series since Game of Thrones



Tara Westover


Image result for tara westover"



Tara Westover has done something incredible. She released her memoir Educated in February of 2018 and managed to dominate in the Times Best-sellers. The memoir tells the story of Westover’s time of leaving her survivalist Mormon family and going to college. It covers her time from being in the Idaho mountains to going to Cambridge and her achieving a PHD. It won a bunch of awards and made her a finalist for many more. It was featured on the best lists of Barack Obama, Bill Gates and even the New York Times Best Books of 2018. Who’s to know what her next book will be on, but I know for one we will be there ready to consume each word.



Samin Nosraf


Image result for samin nosrat"



Now, not traditionally an author, Samin Nosraf is a chef and TV host, who also is a food columnist for New York Times Magazine. An Iranian American from an immigrant family, she released a book in 2017 titled Salt Fat Acid Heat, which was eventually turned into a 4-episode Netflix documentary series. Each episode is based on each word in the title and each takes place in another country. It was a critical success and some reviews called it “different from any other food program.” Easily placing her within the Times 100 most influential people in the world for 2019. 



Chrissy Teigen


Image result for chrissy teigen"



Chrissy Teigen, isn’t the name that most people would think if I mentioned an author that popped up on the Times Most Influential People of 2019. Chrissy Teigen has accomplished a lot so far in her thirty-five years of life, she’s an author, a model, a TV personality, a wife and most importantly a mother. On September 18, 2018, Teigen released a cookbook titled, Cravings: Hungry for More or Cravings 2 because it was a follow-up to her first cookbook, Cravings: Recipes For All The Food You Want to Eat released in February of 2016 which was a bestseller and the second-best-selling cookbook of the year. The cookbook was recommended by many for its good and easy recipes. She is also a co-host on the popular show, Lip-sync battles, she released her own brand of cookware that is sold through Target and regularly donates to different causes, making herself  a juggernaut.



Michelle Obama


Image result for michelle obama"



Last, but definitely not least, we have our former first lady, Michelle Obama. She has authored a book prior to the release of her smash hit, Becoming in 2018, titled American Grown in 2012. But since we are discussing the authors on the 2019 Most Influential List, we are going to discuss, Becoming. The book sold more copies than any other book in the year 2018 and broke that record in only 15 days. In the book, Obama talks about her roots, her roles as a mother, how she found her voice, and her public health campaign. In short, the book essentially discusses how Michelle Obama, becomes the “Michelle Obama” that we know that became First Lady. 


These five people all come from different backgrounds but have all accomplished something incredible through their efforts with books and endeavors. Now that 2019, is coming to a close I can only wonder who will be the next set of authors to join this club of influential authors. 


Featured Image via TIME


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4 Foolproof Ways to Judge a Book by Its Cover


We all know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover.” It tells us that judging anything based off its first appearance will almost always lead you down a path of failure and misunderstanding, and you may miss out on something great. However, in the case of actual books, I disagree. The cover is the most important factor that helps the reader decide whether or not to read the book. Now it may seem like cheating, however there are many things that make up a cover. The aesthetics, the title, the author and the summary, but these are all things that you put on the cover to capture the attention of a potential reader.


1. Aesthetics


Image result for pretty book covers

First things first, let’s discuss the aesthetics of a cover. It’s usually the first thing you notice when you grab a book. There are many questions that must be asked and answered when you decide on the aesthetic of a cover. First, what is the genre of the book? If it is a horror story or mystery, then you usually would see darker colors straying to darker hues of black, grey, red, etc…. You’ll find a dark or ominous image on the cover to help push the idea of the book. If its a romance or coming of age story, you’ll find the use of lighter colors and also a wider array of colors.


2. Title


Image result for the great gatsby


Now you didn’t hear this from me, but the title of a book is probably the single most important part of the cover. The title holds the most weight of a book on its back. The title will provide any potential reader one of the first inklings of what the book is about. Especially depending on certain books, the title can be understood in many different ways. An example of such would be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The title is referencing the main subject of the book, the character Jay Gatsby, this larger than life character that the narrator Nick Carraway in a way idolizes and looks up to. Hence the name, The Great Gatsby because the book tells the story of a man who spends his time with his mysterious charismatic rich man named Gatsby that throws the biggest and best parties The book is seen as a critique on the American Dream, and Gatsby is usually seen as the physical representation of it. Titles are powerful and hold the keys to the secrets that books hold. 



3. Author


Image result for challenger deep neal shusterman

The name of an author can be the most influential or least influential. This all depends on the individual author because, you might not recognize the name of the author. But there are cases when you do recognize the name of the author and those authors may have a lot of prestige behind their names.. In that case the author’s name may be one of the defining factors for you to read the book, like if you read all of Neal Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe series, you might be more inclined to pick up lets say, Challenger Deep because you are aware of his writing style and might be a fan because of it. But if it’s written by someone whose name isn’t recognizable. Their name won’t affect the decision making for choosing a book.


4. Summary



Lastly, the summary. The summary is usually the final part that people check out a book. Now the summary is super important because this is the author’s chance to describe the book in a way that will hook any potential readers that still remain on the fence.So the job of the summary is to grip the reader and entice them to read the book. Summaries usually have a gripping first sentence or couple sentences that captures the attention. An example from the book, Legacy and the Queen by Kobe Bryant and Annie Matthew, “Tennis means everything in the Republic of Nova. Too poor to afford formal training, twelve-year-old Legacy practices serves and returns against the wall of her father’s orphanage to pass the time. But all that is about to change.” See a summary like that grabs the attention because it’s simple, and sets up an idea of the world that the story takes place and also the type of character that we may be focusing on. 



Any way you try to cut it, the cover of a book is arguably the most important part of a book before you actually read it.. So next time you hear someone say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” make sure you tell them they are wrong and then go back to reading because you can’t be distracted by people with such rudimentary level ideas that try to pass them off as profound ideas.

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Ranking Sticky Tabs From Best to Worst

We all love sticky notes. Whether you use them as bookmarks or to select every line that made you think, you want the best, and this is how you find it.

Image via PinImg

These are amazing. I’ve never seen them anywhere, even online, and I’m obsessed. They’re so long, so they won’t fall out or get pushed around. The colors are bright, there are a lot of them, and you can still see the book’s text. I guess I need to find these! 11/10


Image via Ebay

My longtime favorites. I can get them at basically any dollar store near me, they’re fully colored, which is fun. I have some more colors of the pointed ones, but I still don’t like them as much. They can move a little bit, but that also means you can scooch them back. Good tabs. 9/10 and 7/10 respectively.


Image via AliExpress

Still good, still clean. Not as secure or comfortable, but you can see through them, and they’re vivid. My Mum used these in the 90s, so maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I think they’re essentially good. Could use more colors, or at least just purple. 8/10


Image via Paper Chase

Amazing assortment of colors. Amazing. This could also use more purple, but overall I really can’t complain. But they’re solid! You won’t be able to see any of the text behind them. Would make for for pretty notes though. 6/10


Image via Target

Again, I like the colors, but it blocks text! That said, these are perfect to write on, because you can still color code, and just put them near the relevant passage, sticking out so you can find it. Could use some secondary colors. 5/10


Image via Amazon

These seem bigger than is necessary. Like, maybe it’s a textbook or something, but if you use these they’ll unnecessarily make other tabs less visible. Not enough colors at all, they only make like six. Not useless, but disappointing.  4/10


Image via Sunnyside Gifts

Cute but useless (relatable, am I right?). In theory I like that they can be cute, but they block the page, and you have to let them stick out so far. And do they have to be on top in stead of the side? I’m out. Fun to organization ratio is off. 2/10


Image via AgirInd

These are the worst of all. They take up so much space, so so much. They cover like half a page. Want to write on them? It’s narrow as hell and you can only write one word at a time. Truly a combination of the worst aspects of all other tabs. 0/10

Featured image via


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Throw The Book at Her: Ex-Baltimore Mayor Indicted!

Well this is one for the books: The former mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, has been indicted by a federal grand jury on wire fraud and tax evasion over her self-published books.


Image result for catherine Pugh book
Image Via Vox


The 11-count federal indictments were made public Wednesday by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maryland. The indictment describes a years-long scheme dating to 2011, when she was a state senator.



Pugh is accused of using her company, Healthy Holly, to publish her books and sell them “directly to nonprofit organizations and foundations, many of whom did business or attempted to do business with Maryland state government and Baltimore City.” Essentially, she’s accused of operating a sham business where she accepted payments for thousands of books she never intended to deliver. Many of the businesses were nonprofit.

The funds she received were used, according to court papers, to fund straw donations to her mayoral election campaign. This means she would purposely evade financial contribution limits by disguising the origin of a donation. She also used the funds to purchase and renovate a house in Baltimore.

This fraud allowed Pugh to make thousands of dollars from the book sales.


IMage Via CNN


BBC News notes that she is also accused of evading taxes, claiming a taxable income in 2016 of $31,020 (£24,000) when prosecutors say it was actually $322,365.

Pugh was the second Baltimore mayor to leave office in the past decade while facing corruption allegations.  Her resignation came after FBI and IRS agents raided her offices, homes and other locations in late April and seized several items, including money transfer receipts, a laptop, compact discs and a $100,000 check from the University of Maryland Medical System to Pugh’s “Healthy Holly” company.


Image result for catherine Pugh book
Image Via Baltimore Sun


She resigned as mayor in May, apologizing for the harm she had caused to “the credibility of the office.” Now she’s expected to appear in court on Thursday.

You can buy her book here.




Featured Image Via Boing Boing


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