Publishers Weekly to Launch New Book Trade Fair

After last year’s retiring of BookCon and BookExpo by ReedPop, the industry was left to wonder what would be the future of US book trade shows. While many publishers, agents, booksellers, and other people in the book industry agreed that these shows were in need of some changes to make it more accessible, they were all sad to see it go since these events were an amazing opportunity for everyone in the industry to come together; for business and also as a way to catch up with friends.


Industry Trade Show | Book Depot
Image via Book Depot


Thankfully, Publishers Weekly has announced the launch of the U.S. Book Show. This book show will debut online and will be held from May 26th to 28th. The intended audience, according to Publishers Weekly, are booksellers, librarians, publishers and literary agents from across the U.S. and the world. To accommodate this show to people all around the world and its different time zones, the programming will be limited to five hours a day. This will also allow for further networking and parties amongst the attendees of the event.

The event will include Book Buzz and Galleys-to-Grab author events aimed at librarians, and booksellers and a series of extensive professional programming that will discuss the state of the industry. Tickets to the event will also be “reasonably priced,” in order to make the event as accessible to everyone in the industry as possible. The event aims to attract small presses to midsize imprints, university presses, sideline producers, distributors, library data providers, as well as the largest publishers. Self published authors are also encouraged to attend the event, and they will have a dedicated track of events for them.



Cevin Bryerman, Executive VP and publisher of PW, said, “Publishers Weekly brings the leadership, brand and marketing reach into the global industry that will set the stage for the success of the new fair.” He continued, “The event fills a void left in the U.S. book publishing industry. PW has the experience, 150 years of book industry expertise and dedication to excellence.”

Jim Milliot, Editorial Director of PW, added, “Having everyone under one ‘roof,’ so to speak, will go a long way toward unifying the industry around an annual U.S.-based event we have all come to rely on for networking, learning about the forthcoming big fall titles, and one-to-one connection with booksellers and librarians.”


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