Despite All, Book Sales Were Up in 2020

According to a report based on BookScan, print book sales went up 8.2% in 2020. This comes as a welcome surprised since the book industry was expected to be severely affected by Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown.


Image via New Straits Times


Book sales were a little shaky over the last year, with some weeks reporting sales going up while some others reported slips on sales. Despite this, units sales hit 750.9 million, up from 693.7 million a year ago. Some of the more impacted segments were juvenile nonfiction titles—likely due to at-home school— which saw an increase of 11%, young adult fiction and non-fiction titles rising to 21.4% and 38.3%, respectively, and books linked to politics and social justice also saw an increase in sales of 4.8% aided by books such as A Promised Land by Barack Obama and various anti-racism titles. Adult fiction also saw a significant increase of 6% since 2019.

This increase in sales were made possible by bookstores transferring their efforts to online sales and to other online book retailers.


featured image via los angeles times