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Every piece of content we create for you is thoughtfully-done. We bring a critical eye to everything we do — articles, video interviews, emailers, weekly recommendations, and more; leveraging our expertise as to what will resonate with today’s audiences. 

Facebook Live

Bookstr conducts author interviews via Facebook Live, as we present you to our vast community. You get custom versions to promote to your audiences as well! Bookstr’s hosts are highly qualified, they will know you and your work, and have the camera skills required to best deliver a great interview.  

The Bookstr team customizes a set of questions that will engage you and the audience, and the first portion of the interview is between the host and author. The second half of our event/FB live allows the audience to ask questions live, moderated of course, allowing them to connect with you, helping to build a fan for life. Our audience is passionate about authors, about you. They are hungry for any insight into your book, your writing process and your life as an author.

FB lives are a fun way to bring authors directly to their audience, creating an evergreen piece of content for any kind of author — from wellness and business, to thrillers and romance, to children’s books and their illustrators, and everything in between.


Bookstr’s weekly editorial emailer goes out to our opted-in list, including highlights of that week’s editorial content. The editorial content we create for you would be highlighted as the top selections in that week’s emailer. We have a very active email list of 50,000 with a 25-30% open rate. 

In addition to our weekly emailers, dedicated emails are sent out to promote special offers, contests, and giveaways. These emailers are extremely effective in driving audience participation and actions.

Recommendations & Series

Multi-format series like Bookstr’s Three to Read and Bookstr News Roundup are exceptional ways to promote you and your book through articles, videos, social media stories on multiple platforms, garnering you thousands of views and reads. 

Every book and genre is represented in our highly-engaged 1.7 million-strong audience allowing us to promote any kind of book. The Three to Read team is empowered to choose three books of diverse types and genres each week that we know will pique the interest of Bookstr’s passionate audience. 

Our Three to Read articles on our website are accompanied by videos on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook video; Instagram and Facebook stories;  and are promoted across all social platforms for the remainder of that week.

Our multi-medium, multi-platform approach sets Bookstr apart from almost any other media company or platform. 


ARCs (advance reader copies) and giveaways are common in the publishing world. Bookstr takes things to another level. We work with the author, publisher or partner to pair the book with complimentary gifts, then create a photoshoot and custom graphics for promotions on social channels and emailers.

Customized giveaways generate 4x the results. 

While a typical book giveaway featuring an up-and-coming author may get only a few hundred entries, this innovative technique guarantees 2,000+ entries, regardless of the author’s stature.

On average, entrants spend 4 minutes 30 seconds, reading about the author and their book. Giveaways are an effective way to engage your audience and build an army of superfans. 

Case Studies

Social Media Strategy: Dr. Judy Ho

Over the course of a year, following the release of her book “Stop Self Sabotage,” Bookstr worked with Dr. Ho to transform her content strategy and approach with great results. 

  • Content strategy grew Instagram following from 10k to 50k in 1 year after stagnant growth previously.
  • Shifted content strategy to distinct and planned content types while optimizing over time.
  • New content strategy with focus on wellness and personal brand shifted audience from 75% male to 65% female.

Case Studies

YA Killer Thriller

Bookstr worked with Sourcebooks to create a themed contest around “chilling YA thrillers.” Bookstr helped formulate a compelling, curated prize package with meticulously created promotional graphics, which was then deployed on Bookstr’s website and through Bookstr’s social media and email list. Participants were asked to follow a series of steps including joining the mailing list and social media of each author and Sourcebooks itself.

  • 26,405 Actions Taken
  • 2,469 Joined Mailing list
  • 2,954 Visit Buy Link (per book) 
  • 2,252 New Social Media Followers (per entity)

Case Studies

Facebook Live:
Ayser Salman

Facebook Live is an amazing place for our book and author loving audience to discover new and up and coming authors. This includes promotional support across Bookst’s channels including our email list, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram,, and YouTube. Ayser Salman is a debut author with her book focusing on the immigrant experience and complexities of her American island Muslim Identity. By interacting with the author and having their questions answered, the audience developed a personal connection with, and interest in, Ayser and her book.

  • 32,845 Reached
  • 11,435 Video Views
  • 211 Comments, Reactions and Shares

Case Studies

Facebook Live:

In addition to new or lesser known authors, Bookstr’s Facebook Live has featured high profile authors such as Tony Robbins, David Morrell, Jeannette Walls, Karin Slaughter, and Meg Wolitzer, among many others.
For this Facebook Live we worked with well-known musician and author LIGHTS. The interview received 24,507 organic video views in less than 24 hours.
For lesser known authors, Bookstr can boost and promote the Facebook Live to reach an equal amount of people.

  • 122,070 Reached
  • 24,507 Video Views 
  • 2,018 Comments, Reactions and Shares

Case Studies

Articles: Barbara Sontheimer

Bookstr teamed up with debut author Barbara Sontheimer to promote her book “Victor’s Blessing.” Bookstr created multiple articles that would resonate with Millennial and Gen Z readers. By accentuating the diverse love story, and unique narrative of the civil war, Bookstr put Ms. Sontheimer and her book front and center in a compelling cultural conversation that captivated Bookstr’s readers. Additionally, the article have served as tent poles to her online content, and the press on her website.


  • Pageviews: 4,235
  • Unique Pageviews: 3,453
  • Avg. Time on Page: 3:45

Social Media

  • Impressions: 312,576
  • Post Clicks: 1757
  • Reach: 256,853
  • Engagements: 2,364

Case Studies

Article: Keepster

Not only can we feature authors, but also platforms, apps, websites and other digital platforms that excite the bookish audience. By creating articles with an eye towards what works in media and SEO trends, Bookstr creating a compelling article about Keepster, an app that helps someone take their text conversations and convert them into books. While the figures below are what occurred organically, the article itself is a powerful promotional asset to be used in any form of content based advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

  • Content strategy grew Instagram following from 10k to 50k in 1 year after stagnant growth previously.
  • Shifted content strategy to distinct and planned content types while optimizing over time.
  • New content strategy with focus on wellness and personal brand shifted audience from 75% male to 65% female.

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