Former VP Mike Pence Signs Deal with Simon & Schuester

Former Vice President Mike Pence has signed a seven-figure two-book deal with Simon & Schuester Publishing, making him the first former Trump cabinet member to do so. According to CNN, the deal is said to be worth about three to four million dollars. 



Plenty of former Trump administration members, such as Kellyanne Conway, have been planning on publishing books, with a very high bar to clear. The publishing industry has been wrestling with the idea of publishing former Trump Administration members. There are concerns over a potential backlash from the public due to the controversial nature of the last presidency and counting on the writers to tell the truth.

“I would try to keep an open mind,” one publishing source says, “that doesn’t mean I would sign them.”


Image via IndyStar

Books written about the Donald Trump presidency, especially by his closest constituents, would be an instant best-seller, especially among the former president’s supporters.  But, publishers say they have a responsibility to paint the full picture of the administration.

According to sources, there isn’t any set standard in the publishing industry as to who from the Trump Administration is ‘too toxic’ to publish. Former officials John Bolton and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and former aides Omarosa Manigault Newman and Cliff Simms have all published books. However, after the Capitol riot on January sixth, which began as a protest based on the belief that there was election fraud in the 2020 election, Simon & Schuster canceled a book by Senator Josh Hawley, who objected to the counting of votes on January sixth. Hawley called this a “direct assault on the first amendment” and published it under the conservative publishing house, Regnery.

Publishing under Regnery would be easier for former Trump officials but for considerably less money.

A representative of Mike Pence declined to comment on the book deal.

Featured image via USA today