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Beat Your Bookworm Nemeses at Scrabble with These Obscure Moves That'll Score You Hundreds

Ranging from eleven to 1778 points, these Scrabble moves will deliver

It's National Scrabble Day so here are a few moves you can play to both confuse and crush the competition. 


1. Qi - the vital life force that flows through the body




This two letter word will only score you 11 points, but will help get that pesky Q off your Scrabble rack. 


2. Phpht - an informal expression of irritation




When you’re out of vowels, this tile combo will save the day earning you 15 points.


3. Beziques - card game played with a pack of 48 cards




This word can get ‘Z’ and ‘Q’ out of your way while also scoring you up to 168 points if you place your letters strategically.


4. Quetzals - the national bird of Guatemala



Without any extensive planning, this tile combination will score you 26. Placement is everything when it comes to this word. To score 374 points, you have to build upon one letter, use all seven letters on your rack, place ‘Q’ and ’S’ on triple score squares, and place the ‘Z’ on a double letter score space. 


5. Oxyphenbutazone - anti-inflammatory medication used to treat arthritis


yas 2


The motherlode of all scrabble words. When placed correctly, this word can score you 1778 points, crushing any speck of competition in the process. The highly unlikely word has never actually been played, but could gain you scrabble success. To succeed with this word, you’d have to play it across three triple word score squares and build it upon eight already played tiles. 



In addition to these obscure words, to celebrate national Scabble day, the Scrabble player’s dictionary is gaining 300 new words this fall. Some words including emoji (fourteen points), puggle (ten points), and Sriracha (thirteen points). 



Intext Images Via Font Space. Featured Image Via Mother Jones