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Artist Transforms 110 Year Old Tree into Beautiful, Shareable Library

The "Little Free Library" movement is taking the world by storm and small, shared libraries are popping up from every corner of the US!


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Little Free Library logo | Image Via Pinterest.


Now, we have one literally popping up from the ground!


From Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, artist, librarian, and former bookbinder Sharalee Armitage Howard and her family were saying goodbye to their 110 year old Cottonwood tree. Unfortunately it had died and they were planning on chopping it down. But instead of digging up the tree trunk and its roots, she decided to make it into a shareable library. Howard really puts a spin on the old adage "When God gives you lemons, you make lemonade".


I guess you can say how she would put it is, "When God gives you a dying tree, you make a bookshop!"


According to an article from the Laughing Squid, "Howard said that she’s always wanted to do something like this and has even got the proper licensing to do so." Howard was so excited about her project, she shared the final results onto Facebook. The post has already been shared nearly 200 times!




What level of craftsmanship! And to even include the cute design of carved out books in the roofing is incredible! I also commend her for choosing books like Call of The Wild by Jack London; this is definitely a library that can bring out your love of nature.


The company "Little Free Library" has also shared Howard's creative achievement through their Instagram.





The library can be found on the "Little Free Library" website map if you wanted to know where to see it in person. And if you too have a unique idea for a library, like Howard, or just want to create your own little library for you and your community, visit the "Little Free Library" official website now!



Howard's library/ art installment has become so well known, she's even ended up on the News Station KREM 2, which broadcasts for the Inland Northwest area of the US.




Hooked up with a staircase and lights to boot! I guess if you're ever "stumped" on that English paper, then this is definitely a library you need to go to!



Featured Image Via Creapills.