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UK's Most Dynamic Indie Publishers Unite for a Podcast!

The Indie publishers known as Canongate, Faber, and Profile/ Serpent's Tail are releasing a podcast every two weeks to celebrate authors, bookshops and independent publishing! The podcast will be called "Read Like a Writer" and will be hosted by journalist Anna Fielding.

The Bronx Finally Gets Its First and Only Bookstore

In 2016 after a long and painful battle, the Barnes & Noble located in the Bronx Co-Op City shopping center finally closed down. It was the last general interest bookstore left in the Bronx, opened only after an assemblyman lobbied relentlessly for it in the late 90’s.


A New Kurt Cobain Biography Is in the Works

Kurt Cobain is a music and social icon of the 1990s who succumbed to a tragic end. He is widely cherished and missed through his music. There already are many different biographies out there on Cobain's life.

Zelda the Curious Cat Is Getting Her Own Book!

Zelda the Cat is one precious little kitter. One look at those eyes, and you're hooked; you need your daily fix of cuteness and cat mischief. Well, for all you Zelda the Curious Cat fans out there, this particularly iconic kitten is getting her own book deal!



11 Adventurous Quotes from Lawrence of Arabia

Today is Thomas Edward Lawrence's birthday. Otherwise popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia thanks to the film of the same title based on his life and exploits. Lawrence served an important role during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

Keanu Reeves's Newest Endeavor? Book Publisher!

Matrix trilogy star, Keanu Reeves is one the founders of a new publishing company called X Artists’ Books. Along with the other co-founders Alexandra Grant and Jessica Fleischmann, their aim is to create a publishing house that celebrates artistry.

The 5 Stages of Writing a Novel

Writing a novel is a traumatic experience. Experts agree that the process happens in five distinct stages.


1. Denial and Isolation