Zadie Smiths New Novel to Be Published This Winter

Zadie Smith‘s publishers have announced that a new novel by the acclaimed author will debut in winter 2016. The new book, called Swing Time, is Smith’s first full-length novel since 2012’s NW.


According to Smith’s publishers, the new novel will deal with issues of race and class – themes that Smith has expounded on since her acclaimed debut, White Teeth. In Swing Time, those themes will be explored through the eyes of an unnamed narrator, one of two “brown girls who dream of being dancers.”

However, only one of the two girls has the talent and luck that it takes to become a professional dancer. The unnamed narrator instead becomes a pop star’s personal assistant, experiencing the show business world in a very different way.

Smith read portions of the unpublished novel at Johns Hopkins University this past fall. Now readers will get their chance to read the full work, debuting in the United Kingdom on November 3.


Main image via Penguin Books UK on Twitter