Zadie Smith is Back!

Oh Zadie, how we missed you. The 40 year old British Jamaican author has established herself as one of the foremost voices of Postmodern and postcolonial literature, with her sharp insightful criticism and fiction. She’s been noticably quiet in the past few years, in a time when sober voices are most needed. But alas! She has returned…to a pub no less.

Zadie’s new book is called Swing TimeIt tells the story of two black women, one from West Africa, the other from London, trying to make it as dancers. The catch is that apparently, only one of them is any good. 


Zadie read the first chapter to a packed Camden pub, filled with journalists, publishers, and fans. She was apparently feeling benevolent, and stuck around after the event to chat with fans and sign books. 

Image couresy of Hub edu

She also provided some thoughtful commentary on Brexit, and the disconcerting changes in social attitude she has perceived:

“So [it’s] time to make that argument that a little less in more directions might create a culture that feels healthier and happier. It’s hard because it’s counter intuitive to the way that we live, in that ‘more is more is more, get what I can, get it all the time’, and all the rest of it, but that’s the way I feel.”


We can’t wait to read Zadie’s new book, and look forward to hearing more about it!


Featured image courtesy of The Rumpus