You’ve Probably Been Pronouncing Roald Dahl Wrong

Roald Dahl is one of the most beloved authors of the 20th century. He captured the imagination of children and adults alike with Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryFantastic Mr Fox, The BFG, and many other stories. Even today his works are being adapted into films. In July of 2016 The BFG hit theaters cashing in over $177 million dollars. 

Despite his success, and the pure love his fans have for his work, nobody pronounces his name correctly! In a 1961 video of Roald Dahl a narrator introduces him as “Roo-all.” Typically we pronounce the name as “Rold” or “Row-ald” but it turns out we have been wrong this whole time.

If you need to see it for yourself, here is the actual video. The narrator pronounces his name within the first 10 seconds of the video:

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