Video still of John Green recommending Divergent by Verionica Roth

Your Next Half Hour Will Be John Green Videos in Which He Suggests Books

John Green, YA author extraordinaire, and prolific vlogger since he and his brother Hank Green (who also has a YA novel coming out) began their project Brotherhood 2.0 all the way back in the dark ages of 2007. He has, throughout this project and beyond (they still exchange weekly videos), recommended a great number of books to the audience of 3,097,019 subscribers/nerdfighters.


Perhaps you are seeking to join the ranks of the couples brought together through Nerdfighteria, and are looking for the perfect vlogbrother-approved Valentines gift to give to your desired nerd partner. Or perhaps you are just looking for recommendations in general. Either way, they have what you’re looking for.


John and Hank Green have, in their time, produced so many videos concerning such a wide variety of topics that it can be difficult to know where to begin when one is in search of particular information, like what books they think you should read. And so, to save you typing in ‘vlogbrothers book recommendations’ to the YouTube search engine, I have taken it upon myself, as a noble server of the bookworm community, to do so, and compile for you this helpful list of videos in which book recommendations are made. Don’t even mention it.







Bonus video: Hank rants about the things about books which disgruntle him and, even as a supporter of the deckled edge style, I can admit is very funny. 



Featured Image Via YouTube.