Your Guide to the Pynchon Crossword

In honor of Thomas Pynchon’s 79th birthday, the New York Public Library created a Pynchon themed crossword puzzle. Because nothing says happy birthday like getting horizontal (and vertical).

This week, the library released the answers, which you can find on the New York Public Library’s site. BUT, before you get lost in crossword frustrations and irrational self-loathing (a.k.a. you turn to the answer key), give the puzzle a shot! 


Image courtesy of Open Culture


There’s truly nothing to more validating to your reading history than killing it in a crossword and being able to stack your knowledge into rows and columns. Alternatively, if you haven’t read much Pynchon, there’s no better incentive mob the book store and obsess over his every phrase and chapter. It’s a win-win situation either way you look at it.

Stumped on the answers? Don’t worry we’re here to help. Well, sort of.

Here’s a few questions that stumped us, with some added hints that are debatably helpful. Good luck readers!



4. The ‘Pirate’ of Special Operations Executive

…Try his last name.


6. Number of cameos on “The Simpson’s

…The episode with Pynchon’s head covered doesn’t count apparently.


26. The most balletically named character of Gravity’s Rainbow

…Try a name you’ve already used…also there’s no shame in Googling ‘balletically’.


27. Job of Pynchon’s NBA acceptance stand-in

He has quite a few occupations, be sure to try them all.


All the books you now need to read… (Image courtesy of Vulture)



3. 2003 Radiohead song inspired by a passage from V.

Always a good time to listen to Radiohead!


16. Acronym of association through which Maxine meets Regs

…It’s not the YMCA.


21. Pynchon’s Alma Mater

­…Watch The Office? If you remember Andy then you know.


27. Location of Profane’s subterrantean alligator hunting

…Think islands…big islands.


Do you have the answers? Try the crossword out for yourself and let us know how you do!


Featured image courtesy of Telegraph.