Peter Pan constellation stars

Your Favorite Novels, Reimagined as Constellations

Nicholas Rougeux, an artist who has previously created visual images of famous novels’ punctuation is back again with a new way to look at literature. This time it’s through astronomy. His latest work is a series of posters that visualize the first lines of novels as constellations.


In each constellation, the first word is a starburst, with every subsequent word shooting out at an angle from the previous. The angle itself is determined by the part of speech, while the length of the line connecting words is determined by how many letters the word has. 


Rougeux wrote on his website that he “didn’t intend to create constellations. I just wanted an interesting visual way of looking at text but quickly found that what I was creating resembled constellation maps.”


Via Nicholas Rougeux


Check out his work below, and more at his website. Which is your favorite? 



Featured Image Via Nicholas Rougeux