Young Harry Potter Fan Left Homeless in Aleppo

Earlier in the year, a young Syrian girl received copies of Harry Potter directly from J.K. Rowling. Her mother took to twitter, asking the author how she could get access to the books for her daughter. The war going on Syria has been devastating, leaving scores wounded, dead, and misplaced. Reading is one way in which Bana, the young girl from Aleppo, can escape the horrors around her. Now, however, it would seem those horrors have become inescapable, as the young reader and her mother must face the dangers of war without a home.


A recent bombing left their house in ruins. We must always consider the pain and the suffering of those in areas of conflict, and to never forget their humanity. Young readers are having to deal with unfathomable death and destruction, and they fear for their lives. Next time you find yourself lost inside a novel, take a moment to remember that somewhere there is a reader escaping into the same fantasy, albeit from a much darker reality.  The joys of reading are universal, and we should all do our part to make sure young readers have safe homes to enjoy the stories from.


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