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You’ll Never Guess What Chuck Palahniuk Hid in His Old House

When Jolynn Winter came across an old backgammon box hidden inside the wall of her bathroom, she was left more than perplexed.


This summer, while Winter and her contractors were working on the remodel of her house, a hidden time capsule surfaced. Inside this mysterious box, she discovered a signed copy of Fight Club along with some newspaper clippings and photos. Yes, it was Chuck Palahniuk. As the previous owner of the house, Palniuk lived there after the Fight Club had been released for a year. Five years after moving in, Palniuk decided to leave a copy of his bestseller, a personal letter, some memorabilia and even a proposed bathroom remodel plan.


Upon this discovery, Winter took to her Facebook account to make an announcement.


Image courtesy of Jolynn Winter via Facebook



Image courtesy of Jolynn Winter via Facebook



Image courtesy of Jolynn Winter via Facebook


In a following Facebook post, Winter informed the community that she followed the Palahniuk’s given instructions and returned the capsule along with her own added contents.


“The Chuck Palahniuk time capsule that was found during our remodel has been placed behind the walls once again for the next person to find. We left the autographed Fight Club book inside and even created a time capsule from Brad and myself. Paying it forward!!! We hope the next family that finds it has as much fun with it as we did. Thanks to Fox 12 for running the story.”


Feature image courtesy of The Talks.