You’ll Be Inspired By This 20 Year Old Entrepreneur & Author 

It’s a tough world out there for someone in their early twenties. Author, entrepreneur, and bonafide wellness guru, Nastassia is the inspiration we all need. 

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It’s no secret that oftentimes, 20-year-olds get a bad rep. No longer teenagers, yet not quite inducted into adult life, they are labeled as either too lazy or too try-hard. It’s a tough world out there for someone in their early twenties. Add being a woman in a patriarchal system into the mix, and it’s no easy feat to succeed. Nastassia Ponomarenko is one young woman who is taking on this hostile environment and thriving in it. Author, entrepreneur, and bonafide wellness guru, Nastassia is the inspiration we all need. 


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Bookstr was lucky enough to speak with Nastassia, and get the details of what it takes to be a published author, entrepreneur, and business owner before you’re even old enough to buy a beer (in the United States, at least). The short answer: passion and discipline, but stay with us for the long one. 

So, what made Nastassia turn to writing her own book? In 2018, she read Think and Grow Rich, which she says changed her perspective, mentality, and ultimately, her life. This sparked a love for self-development books, and was a catalyst for her own development towards reaching her fullest potential. As she read these self-improvement and business books, she found she was gaining awareness and becoming her best self.

What happened next was a complete 180 in her way of life. But what changed? Mentally, she went from a place of self doubt to a place of fulfillment, and worked on getting in tune with herself. After reading these books , Nastassia began to realize that her habits of emotional suppression and avoiding vulnerability were the key issues holding her back from a happier life. Her newfound self-awareness allowed her to change her perception on life. Changing her outlook on everything, from money to gratitude, helped her refocus her energy in a positive way.



Nastassia realized that she wasn’t alone in her struggles with perception, and knew she had uncovered a key message that other young adults needed to hear. Most young adults are similar to Nastassia in that they also have a skewed perception of life when nearing the end of high school, college, or their adolescence. Due to the instant gratification of social media, young people tend to value temporary happiness over long term fulfillment. Nastassia’s advice on this?

1. There’s so much more to life than anything material, and the stuff young adults praise. It’s not just body and emotional discipline, but to do with spirituality too, and connecting to something bigger is important. 2. Chase fulfilling happiness, rather than temporary happiness. Inner peace. Anything worldly is not going to bring peace.

From her own self-awareness, and passion for making a change, came From Dust to Discipline: Achieve your Fullest Potential. Released just this past March, Nastassia’s debut book encapsulates all that she learned, along with her own insight and experiences. Much of what Nastassia has learned rests within the 226 pages of Dust to Discipline, and serves to help other adults (young and otherwise) reach their greatest potential. 


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Most women are aware that a woman with an opinion – especially one she publishes- can often be subject to judgement. Refreshingly, Nastassia has little time for the opinions of others, as believing in herself comes above all else. When she initially penned the book, she told her father of her intentions. He doubted people would listen to what she had to say, based on her age. She says “Parents don’t always foster your ideas and that’s okay”. Thankfully, Nastassia’s passion and drive to write a book was greater than the voice of any naysayer. 



Since then, responses to her book have been very positive. Much of her support system is made up of other women, many of which are her own age. While she occasionally gets hate from men that don’t want to see her succeed, Nastassia points out; “it is what it is”. You will always get people commenting with their negativity in tow, but it’s important to filter these things out. 

What a fitting note to end on! One thing is for sure, and that is that Nastassia is absolutely one to watch. You can even watch her yourself, live on Bookstr’s Facebook channel, on May 20th, 1pm EST.

We. Can’t. Wait. You don’t want to miss it, so set your reminder, and we’ll see you there!


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