You Should Definitely Reread Your Favorite Series

Some of us are struggling to get out of a reading rut, while others are already doing pretty well, but need more material. Either way, rereading an old book series is a great way to stoke that reading fire within. We usually don’t realize how much we miss when we read a book for the first time. When reading a series, there could be a whole plot that you didn’t understand, or something crucial to the story that you might have missed.


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I often choose to reread a series from when I was younger. There’s no shame in taking a look back at what some people would call a “children’s book.” Some of these include books from the Harry Potter series and Series of Unfortunate Events, which I am currently rereading. No matter the series, it’s a good feeling to return to books that you loved as a youngster. You revive a little piece of you that used to get excited about books and you remember how those books instilled the love of reading within you.  


Choosing to reread a series isn’t cheating! You’re still reading, still gaining something. You might think that when you reread a book, it doesn’t count towards your goal of reading another book, but it does! Rereading something is still adding to the number of books you’ve read, because you always gain something new out of it. The whole time I’ve been watching Series of Unfortunate Events show and movie, I’ve been thinking, “Wow, did I miss something in the books? Is Count Olaf actually funny?” But rereading, I realized that my initial reaction was correct. He isn’t hilarious, or quirky, in my opinion. He’s actually pretty terrifying.


So, reread your favorite series – or books! You won’t regret everything that you learn, or that fuzzy feeling of reading a book again that you once loved!


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