Bookworm Romance

You Should Definitely Fall in Love with Another Bookworm

Article by Desislava Yordanova

Living the isolated life of a bookworm can be tiring sometimes and we do get a bit lonely. But bookworms tend to be very picky as well. We mashed the characteristics of multiple favorite characters into one ideal entity which is nearly unreal. Also, giving up our precious reading time for someone won’t be easy, so when we do, that person needs to know exactly how much we’re giving up for him. Some of us have found him, some of us are still looking. I don’t mean to brag, but I want to show everyone how much better life is with a bookish SO.



Due to social anxiety, most of us would be terrified to go in public and roam the bookstores alone. Or if you don’t have the problem with social anxiety, you always get to the point where you feel lonely whilst going through the shelves of books.

Having someone who is as enthusiatic as you about entering a bookshop makes life easier. Your SO understands your passion and book-hoarding problem because they’re struggling with the same one. However, with them you don’t have to experience the violent pulling and the “You have enough books!” speech, which you’d usually get from friends and family. And wouldn’t it be fun to go in a bookstore and share all the amazing books you found with someone? And if things get out of hand, there will always be someone to cut you off… Probably.


When you spend all of your free time with someone, you eventually get to know their book collection as well as yours. Books will not be boring but rather the ideal presents for birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. And it will be so easy since you know what your partner needs and likes. Also you wouldn’t be anxious when recieving a present, since you know that there’s no way your partner will get you a book that you already have.


Relationships start to stagnate after a while since the people have already shared everything that’s interesting about them. They have mentioned funny memories a couple of times already and at some point the two people have nothing to talk about. When you have a partner who shares the same passion as you about books, or who at least understands it, you can always talk about and discuss books. You can argue, trash and fangirl over books, or simply go watch movies based on books and make fun of them. If you don’t share the same interests in genres, your partner will at least endure your rants or praises about a book you like or dislike. And they know better than anyone what a book hangover is and will stick by your side when you have your post-amazing-novel depression.


Most people don’t understand that when you’re a book lover you need isolation and privacy more than the majority. You tend to cancel on your friends because that one book got very interesting and you prefer finishing it rather than having 10 shots of tequila. See, most people wouldn’t understand this, but if you have a SO who goes through the same struggle, they will be willing to give you your space to read and be alone. They will not judge you if you spend a day in bed because your favorite character died, and they will bring you a take-out when you’ve read so attentively that you forgot to eat.


When you have a SO who has read a lot, you willl realize that your relationship with them is better than with anyone else. That is because they are open-minded and understanding, they will not judge you. Also they will be knowledgable, but not snobby (in some cases). If they are interested in different genres than you, they will be willing to pass that knowledge on to you and accept your with open hands. They are good at empathy and you will never have a one-sided conversation with them.

They will also randomly surprise you with a cute bookmark or a book you wanted badly. In most cases, they will pitch in when you don’t have enough money to spend on that one novel you like a lot.


But don’t be impatient, finding someone who shares your love for books is not an easy thing, and you might not get along with someone who fits the criteria. It all goes down to finding the person who fits you best, but if you enjoy reading, then chances are they will, too.

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