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You Need to Listen to Luna Lovegood’s Spotify Playlist

The mind of Luna Lovegood is hard to grasp. She is obscure, random, and sure, at most times “loony” but we love her for it all the same. Miss Lovegood has a curious nature that has always sparked readers’ interests. What was this mysterious, wide-eyed girl thinking? What might she have been listening to in order to keep the Nargles at bay? This is why we have created the Luna Lovegood playlist.


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Here are the songs that our favorite zany Ravenclaw was most likely listening to while she skipped aimlessly around the Hogwarts Castle, read The Quibbler, or talked to Thestrals . Hang on to your shoes, and enjoy! 





Let us know in the comments if you think there are any songs that belong on there! 


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