‘You’: More Than a Netflix Series

There is nothing worse than reaching the end of a show and having nothing else to look forward to. The same can be said about your favorite book.

One of the most popular shows on Netflix, You, is an adaptation of Caroline Kepnes thrilling series. The beginning of this captivating series was originally published in September, 2014. Two years later, the sequel, Hidden Bodies, was published, jump-starting the streaming adaptation that came out in 2018.


You depicts a story about a bookstore owner, Joe Goldberg, who becomes infatuated by a beautiful aspiring writer that strides in one day. After finding her name on her credit card, Joe makes it his job to scope out who this Guinevere Beck. All her social media accounts are public, which makes it easy for Joe to find out where she lives. Joe slithers into her life by obsessing over her friends and where she is at all hours of the day. From stalker to boyfriend, Joe becomes the perfect man for Beck. There is nothing that will come between their happiness, even if it means murder.


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According to Variety, the co-writers of the series, Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, wanted to make sure that they were able to represent the inner monologue of Joe as the book is told in Joe’s perspective. In the show, however, the audience can see how Joe interacts with others, his inner thoughts and the battle between his words and actions.

Like many adaptations, it is hard to stay true to the book. There can be added details that weren’t there before and even some details removed. The show does just that by ensuring that Joe’s intensity for Beck is less creepy in order to be semi-appropriate for the audience.



For example, in the book, Beck is seen wearing a sweater and jeans when she walks into the bookstore. For her to appear to be different from the other women that stride inside, Gamble decided to provide her with jangly bracelets to show that Beck wants to be looked at.


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Now that season two has emerged, readers have begun to seek out any differences to Hidden Bodies, as the thrill continues. Although we have just begun to dive deep into the show, Kepnes has finished the third book and is hinting at a deal for the fourth.

I can’t wait to read what Kepnes has in store and hope Gamble will be able to depict the mystery that comes along with it.


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