You Might Have Been Saying Ginny Weasley’s Name Wrong

Now, before you freak out, it’s a common mistake. Much like Hermione Granger, often pronounced “Hermany” or “Hermeeone,” Ginny Weasley’s name seems to be a little difficult to say. Ginny’s real name, which we all thought was Ginerva like Minerva McGonagall, is actually G-I-N-E-V-R-A. In case you missed it, the ‘r’ is after the ‘v’.



This was realized on a Reddit thread, which also questioned whether the name should be pronounced like Guinea or Jinney. We are more confused than ever and I guess we have to wait until J.K. Rowling confirms the real pronunciation!

Oh and Voldemort’s name…isn’t supposed to be pronounced with the T. Like Arkansas’s silent ‘s’. Oy gevalt. 



Featured image courtesy of Pottermore