You Have to Visit This Alabama Bookstore That Only Carries Signed Books

In the current climate, every store owner needs a little something extra in order to make them stand out from others. Bookstore owner Jacob Reiss has found his niche in only selling signed editions of every book in stock. 


Business is booming at the Alabama Booksmith, since the only thing better than buying a new book is having it signed by the author. As you can imagine, selling only signed books is sure to make your selection a little small compared to online sellers who have about every book on the market. The smaller selection proves to bring book lovers from all over to Birmingham, especially since Reiss says they acquire the books that are “special” to him, like Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird


harper lee

Image Via The Alabama Booksmith


The bookstore does not have a bunch of rows of shelves, rather the shelves line the walls of the store. This allows all the books to “out front” or open-faced so the browser sees the covers of every book available as opposed to the spines. The aesthetic is a favorite for returning customers, which proves to work in favor of the bookstore. Signed first editions that usually cost over $100 can be found at the Alabama Booksmith for only $30. 



Image Via The Alabama Booksmith 


Road trip, anyone?


Feature Image Via Alabama Booksmith