You Can Stream ‘Harry Potter’ Right Now Absolutely Free

If you’re a fellow bookworm (which, duh, you are on Bookstr,) you probably already know that Audible has made a ton of children’s books free to stream for the duration of the pandemic. This is super helpful for the parents stuck at home with kids out of school, hungry to stay educated and entertained!

image via audible

Luckily for us, among the free titles are plenty of great YA novels for all ages, including Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by the incredible J.K. Rowling! Narrated by Stephen Fry and packed with delightful theme music by James Hannigan, this is truly a magical listening experience.


The stream lasts for a whopping nine hours and thirty-three minutes, with rave reviews from Audible customers… some are even claiming it to be better than the movie. This is absolutely sure to help you escape from the real world chaos to the wizarding fantasy land we’ve dreamed of since we were young, if only for a while!

featured image via techradar

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