You Can Stay in This Scottish Bookstore Through Airbnb – but You’ll Have to Run It!

Would you like to spend your vacation working in a bookstore? A small book shop in Scotland is betting that you would.

The Open Book is located in Wigtown, Scotland’s official National Book Town and the home of the Wigtown Book Festival. The people running the bookstore have found a creative new way to manage labor: they’re letting Airbnb guests run their shop for them!

A stay at The Open Book will cost you £150 (about $235) per week, or £22/night. While you’re there, you’ll also be expected to work a 40-hour week at the bookstore. The living quarters are right upstairs, so at least your commute will be short!

Forty hours in the shop is a lot of clock-punching to do on a vacation, but Adrian Turpin, the director of the Wigtown Book Festival, “wouldn’t call it a working holiday.” “It’s a particular kind of holiday [for people] who don’t feel that running a bookshop is work, he explained to the Guardia. “It’s about offering people an experience … It’s one of those great fantasies.”

The Open Book technically belongs to a local family, but it’s leased to the Wigtown Book Festival. The shop has been run by “paying volunteers” since the beginning of the year, but the idea of getting them through Airbnb is a new innovation. The shop’s Airbnb listing brags that it offers “the first ever bookshop holiday / residency experience.” We doubt that anyone would dispute that.