You Can Now Personalize Your Own Coloring Book

It’s no secret that one our favorite topics is adult coloring books. Everyone loves coloring, whether it’s for the art, the therapy, or the irony. Now, America’s new favorite pastime has finally reached its highest, most millennial point: An enterprising young couple from Los Angeles has founded Color Me Book, the world’s first customizable adult coloring book company.

Color Me Book’s approach is so ingeniously simple it will make you envious you hadn’t thought to start your own company. Simply upload your photos from your computer (or Instagram, as they also encourage) and hardworking artists will hand-trace the images, bind them into a booklet and ship them to your door.

If that wasn’t enough, the company also intends on donating a portion of its profits to provide art supplies for underfunded art schools and programs in the L.A. area. A book of five customized images is $25, and a larger set of ten is $50. Those are some steep prices, but what can you expect from a handcrafted, artisan-designed coloring book maker?

Color Me Book only started a mere eight days ago, on April 12, and has already received much attention from the likes of BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, and Teen Vogue. If you’re ready and willing to pay top dollar for a one-of-a-kind colorable photo album, you might want to act now before the small team gets fully swamped.

Images courtesy of Color Me Book