You Can Now Immortalize Your Lockdown Group Chats in a Book

We’ve all been asked the age-old “what would you bring on a desert island” question, but my answer for the “what would you bring to 2020” question is two essentials: group chats and books. Now, thanks to Keepster (which I’ll get to, I promise) you can combine them both, and save some space for other essentials in your 2020 kit, like hand sanitizer, and snacks.

From baking recipes, to bad haircuts and hometown gossip, there has never been a better time for the humble groupchat. What used to be discussed over drinks on a Friday, or Brunch on a Sunday now fills our online inboxes. But with so many messages flying back and forth at once, how do we keep hold of the special, the funny, the downright absurd forever? Keepster, my friends, that’s how.



Keepster is an app – for your laptop, mind – that allows you to back up all of your messages on your iPhone, across iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, and similar. Once you have completed a backup, you can search and organize by date, topic, sender, recipe, episode of Gilmore Girls, you name it. From there, you can create Keepsters, which are folders of your selected messages and conversations. Your messages are now safe, clear, easy to find, and no longer lost to the corners of the internet.

But the real kicker, and the reason I have gathered you all here today, is Keepster books. You can turn your Keepsters into fun, creative books (that make an awesome gift, by the way) and design them to match your group chat’s vibe. It is the ideal way to remember the weird and wacky summer of 2020 spent online. We can never forget a global pandemic, that’s for sure, but with so much of our lives virtual these days, we’ll be hard pressed to recall the small things. Late night catch-ups, the shared Tiger King experience, and the little daily ways our friends supported us in such a difficult time.


The only way to get your hands on one of these books and to get started is to download Keepster, and from there:

  • Connect your iPhone to your laptop.
  • Sign up to Keepster via the computer app.
  • Perform your first back up.
  • Once that is complete, the world of your entire text history is your oyster. Search by topic or name, organize into separate Keepster folders, take a trip down memory lane.
  • Then, choose which Keepster you want to transform into a unique book. Get designing, place your order, and get right back to finding out just how many times you texted your best friend about that summer fling.




When you look back on your time in lockdown, and consider all of the craziness we experienced together but apart, don’t scroll endlessly through your 2020 messages, pull your Keepster book from the shelf! Your group chats may contain a lot of fluff (did you guys catch The Bachelor last night? Did I leave my charger in your car?), but Keepster allows you to grab only what matters to you. Pick your favourites, organise them into a Keepster, make it into a book, and send a copy to your nearest and dearest, offline.

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Feature image via Keepster, and of course, prior to the pandemic.