Harry Potter wand

You Can Now Get Your Very Own Spell-Casting Wand Without Going to Ollivander’s

The time has come young witches and wizards. No, we aren’t going to war with dark magic or fighting off mythical beasts from our school, it ain’t that serious, but it is exciting! If you could wish for one thing, wouldn’t it be to have a wand just like Harry Potter? If it’s not then I’m sorry, but if it is, then you’re in luck.


Harry Potter

 Image Via Business Wire

Gizmodo reported that JAKKS Pacific has partnered with Warner Bros and created a new interactive Wizard Training wand and it looks like the real thing! You get to pick between a Harry Potter, Dumbledore, or Voldemort design (or all three, up to you). Each one has a motion-sense design that is similar to a smartphone or game controller. Which ever way you may flick your wrist, this device picks up on every movement so you can cast your spells the right way… all eleven of them!


Harry Potter Spells

 Image Via Gizmodo

They have a motion-senser and LED light at the end of each wand as well as the handle and there are different light patterns for the various spells, so you can now have duels with fellow witches and wizards! Not to the death of course, jeez… but there are four additional play modes that will allow fast-moving magical duels.


These cool gadgets will be available later this year and for just $25, not too shabby. Here’s to making ‘wands at the ready’ an everyday phrase.




Feature Image Via Digital Spy