You Can Now Eat Your Favorite Character at This Sweet Macaron Bakery

I’m not sure why I always crave sweet things. Cakes, cookies, cupcakes—you name it, I want it. And if they’re decorated with cute designs and characters then it’s simply a plus. That’s why I find this bakery in California brilliant.


It seems like nowadays, macarons (which are associated with French culture, but were actually created by Italians) are as common as brownies or sugar cookies. Their popularity has shot up in recent years, making them easy to acquire by anyone anywhere. So an Irvine-based bakery in California ran with that notion and created something special.


Honey & Butter combined their macarons with the faces of all our favorite characters from TV, movies, and, of course, books! What were originally flavors like oreo, matcha, and sea-salted caramel turned into: Harry Potter, IT, Stranger Things, Peanuts, and countless other sugary designs! It’s actually a work of art when you really look at it.








They have Sailor Moon, so basically I need to go. Due to this bakery’s popularity, it will regularly advertise which time certain flavors and characters go on sale. “Our creatures are meticulously decorated by hand,” Honey & Butter states on their site. “We love the human element of making them.”


You could easily pre-order them on their site or just scroll through their confectionery goodness here!


Feature Image Via Honey & Butter