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You Can Now Control Your TV with a ‘Harry Potter’ Wand

So you’re sitting there thinking, “What else in this world do I need that’s Harry Potter related?” Well, look no further. There’s now a Harry Potter inspired remote…in the shape of a wand. Are you tired of the same old rectangular remotes? Wish you could pretend to be a wizard? Now’s your chance. 

Take hold of this wand, feel the magic run through you, and Accio TV channel!! 



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As one reviewer on Amazon stated, “I Am A Muggle NO MORE!!!” And it’s true! With a flick of your wrist, this wand can change your channel, scroll up or down and more. The wand comes with 9 different commands and can even be used with Blu-ray and DVD players, PlayStations, and Xbox consoles. 



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Buy the wand here! Happy swishing and flicking! 



Image courtesy of Giphy 





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